How to Register Your Domain & Web hosting In Pakistan/Urdu

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Bismillah alrahman alraheem
assalamualaikum Friends

In this video and post, I will tell you how you can buy a domain and hosting in Pakistan.

How to Buy a Good Web Hosting?When you intend to buy Web Hosting Web Hosting, there are different types of questions in your mind.

You Can Buy your Domain By Clicking Here

Just like what’s the quality of web hosting of this web hosting company?
What is the significance of this Web Hosting Company Web Hosting Company’s other webmasters?
Is she submitting to the customers
And how many years have she been working in the market?
Do they provide 24-hour phone support?


Is his security excellent?
Is its servers reliable?
And how much is the time score
Does it get multiple bridge domains
The difference between hosting and up-to-date in re-nails is not the difference
Do they have a refund policy?
Does this hosting have basic and essential features?
And, One-click Installer, FTP, Email
Easily understandable control panel
Sitback you
Hours live chat and support
And many such other features that can only be the best WEB hosting companies
Today, the Web Hosting Provider company we talk about has been in the market for
a long time and its customers are also satisfied with its support, and this company is
significant in some companies of Pakistan, due to its best support and hosting needs.
It is popular, and the hosting company in the Web Hosting Company has all the good things
I have done, that’s why Pakistan’s biggest web site and very important organizations of Pakistan
are providing this hosting hosting.

How To install WordPress in cpanel /urdu,Hindi

Yes I am talking to Pakistan’s popular hosting provider,,,
if you are related to any sector of the Internet, you must have heard its name,
I have given it a URL, and also has promotional codes that you can get more discount by using,
in next video, we will let you know how to buy hosting messages from here and yes when
you hosting If you buy, you will get free of charge for a year

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