How to promote a blog post-complete information 2021

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How to promote a blog post-complete information 2021

Today’s topic is related to how to promote blog post or how to hit after publishing post. If you have a blog, then you must know about traffic without traffic, no blog can run or you can say that traffic is the power of blog. Today I told you the blog post and I am giving information related to how to share. Which all new blog owner should have. If you promote the post by using all these steps, then definitely your post will go viral soon.

Why Promote New Publish Post is Important

When you publish your new post by full On Page SEO, then your post ranks on the first page in google, but it is not necessary to show fully seo post on google first page every time. It has been seen many times that Fully SEO optimize post also cannot get rank on first page in google and you do not get good result of your hard work.

In such a condition, we have to increase the value of the post by promoting the post itself. Because if your article is unique then after you promote it will start to go viral on its own. Who wouldn’t want to get into a good article. You will get maximum share. But you must first promote yourself once.

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How to Promote Blog Post

1. Facebook Group
Facebook World is number one social site and per second millions users are active on Facebook. You can share your post in Facebook Group. You should share your post in all those groups in which you are a member. By sharing the post in Facebook group, your website will receive good traffic. And also users who read your post can also share.


2. Facebook Page
If you have a Facebook page, then you share the post in all your pages. You will also get good traffic received from page and also increase the chance of getting share.


3. Facebook Timeline Share
You can also share your post on your facebook wall and can make the post quite viral by tagging as many friends as possible. You will also get good traffic from here

4. Twitter
Twitter is also a good site to share your posts. After Facebook, Millions of user remain active on twitter. Promote your post on Twitter too. You can also get a lot of traffic from Twitter.


5. Whatsapp Group
Whatsapp is used in 90% plus smartphone of the world. You can promote your post by using Whatsapp. You can receive traffic by sharing the post in all the groups in all the Whatsapp Group. After Facebook, whatsapp messenger is the most used


8. Quora
You can also promote your post by using Quora. Quora is a Question Answer website. The number of Quora users is also in millions.


You search for a question related to your post in Quora and then give an answer to that question, as well as add a link to your post and promote the post.

9. Web Directories
You can also promote the post by using Web Directories. You can also get good traffic received from web directories.


10. Email Subscribe
You should definitely email the Email Subscribe box on your website. Because you can get good traffic from Email Subscribe Box


By following all these tips, you can easily promote your post and receive high traffic.


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