How to make money from blogging – 2020

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

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How to make money from blogging – 2020


In today’s post, we will know that How to make money from blogging  and complete information about Blogging, so let’s know.You all will know How to make money from blogging and what is blogging but if you do not know How to make money from blogging, then you are going to get in this post.




The best and easiest way to earn online income from Blogging is you can do unlimited earning from 0 RS from Blogging, you will get money according to your hard work, the more work you can earn, the more money you can earn.Blogging you can do at any time, there is no fix time. You can also do blogging part time and full time.Many people have to say that Blogging and YouTube will end your career, but it is not at all like that people who have been successful in blogging can ask them how much money they are earning for the month.

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How to make money from Blogging


To know about How to make money from blogging, read this post in detail so that you understand better How to make money from blogging and follow the steps mentioned in this post.

On hearing of blogging, people feel that there is no money in blogging and they cannot fulfill their dream but not such friends can earn money along with it. The more questions that have been asked to me is that How much earn from blogging, today it is going to be answered as well, so definitely see this post till the end.


How much money can you make from a blog


If we talk about the money of blogging, then there is no limit to how much work you can earn, I will tell you according to the page views that you will get the idea.
If you get 1000 page views on your blog, then you can earn 8 to 10 $ comfortably. Talk in Pakistani rupees, you will be able to earn 1400 to 1500 rupees.

There are many bloggers whose site comes with 40,000 + of the day, according to this you can think how much money he is making from your blog, now you will have come to know How much money can you make from a blog


What do you have to have for blogging?


A lot of people also have this question in their mind, it is necessary to have a computer ya laptop for blogging, but it is not so, to blogging friend, you only have to have a smartphone, you can see this website, which is from mobile I have done all the posts, design, only by phone.

Not a computer laptop, yet you can do blogging, just for 2, 4 minutes sometimes you will need it for HTML coding, you can also do it from mobile but there can be some problems.


 What is a blog?


Blog is a kind of website on which you can share your post, if I talk about old times, then I used to write in your copy to make any note before that, after that you could read it in the same way. You can also share things with the world by writing and if you get money to share, then you can think how easy it is to earn money in today’s time.

On the blog, you can upload text, image, video, in this, you can share posts on any topic, which they can share, not that adult content can be shared.


How to blogging?


To blogging, you should have a blog .You can create a blog from two places, one blogger and another wordpress, you can create a blog on either of these two. Remember, if you are thinking of creating a site on wordpress, then you will need something, on this blogger you can create it for free. Both of you have given the information below.


SEO to earn money from blog


SEO is the best important way to earn money from blog. SEO means search engine optimization which increases traffic on the blog. And when blog traffic comes, only then we are able to earn money from the blog.

Doing SEO in a blog is not a big job, you can learn in 10 se 20 days to learn SEO,
SEO is only for search engine so that your blog can get traffic on the blog by ranking Google. Google’s algorithm is so fast that even if you post 3000 words and do not seo, then your post will not be able to rank, but if you publish 500 words post seo, then there is more chance of post rank.


Traffic is important to make money from blog


To increase blog traffic, seo friendly, high quality content, image optimization, will have to be done.

Traffic does not come even after seo on the New Blogger directly means that his blog stays in google sandbox means google does not trash your blog, you have to tell Google by yourself, for this you have to post every day, that means you have to work at least 3 to 4 months of your blog, then only then your blog google The sandbox will be able to get out.

The most important thing to increase traffic on new blog is to share posts on social media so that people can tell about your site. Will be done .

The post has already been published about how to bring traffic to the blog, which you can see by clicking on the link below.


Monetize blogs to make money from blog


After following all the steps given above, the thing is to monetize the blog of making money and earn money from the blog. I mean when 500 page views of the day start coming on your blog, then you will start to earn money from the blog.

To monetize the blog, you can go with Google AdSense, which is the best platform and everyone uses Google AdSense on their blog. And it is very easy to use Adsense and it is easy to take money in the bank.

AdSense is the only product of Google that you can earn online paise by connecting to blog, website, App. You have given below information on how to apply for Adsense on the blog.


Affiliate marketing




Another way to earn money from a blog is affiliate marketing which you can earn money from Adsense as well as affiliate program and the most important thing is that Adsense can earn 10 times affiliate marketing se.

Affiliate marketing means you are given a commission for selling the product from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, related to blog topics. blog kis topic par banaye

Suppose the topic of your blog is related to mobile review, then you can add a link to the mobile you are referring to, and when your friends or someone purchases mobile through that link, you will get money in exchange for that. .Money depends on your equal, how much is your product. Suppose your mobile price is above 20 thousand, then you can get up to 1500 rs.

Make Money From Sponsored Ad or Paid Post


If all the traffic on your blog gets started and your blog is famous, then the Ad and Post sponsored on your blog will start, so that you can earn good money.

Sponsored Ad will be received on your email, which you have to tell about it before you are given money in it, which is very happy.


Make Money From guest posting


In this you neither need AdSense nor affiliate marketing, in this you only have to publish another blog post on your blog, for this your blog should be DA PA high.

Guest Posting means linking to another site, linking above your site will also give a free post on your blog and if you make money with it, then you can think how many ways you can earn money from the blog


Make money by selling website


This is the best and popular way to earn money from the blog, if you are expert in website design, website indirectly and have complete information about the blog, then you can earn money by making a website / blog.

There are many new bloggers who do not have information about the website, if you know about blog kaise banaye, blog design kaise kare, then you can make another site, instead you will get money which will be a huge amount.

Or you can create a blog and put a post in it and sell it with Adsense ads, you will get more money in it. Because they do not have to do anything to that person, he only has to write posts and earn money.

earn money by selling Courses


If you have good knowledge about coding, SEO, digital marketing, blogging, then you can create a separate website and sell your course, you can price it yourself.

You can sell your course through file, video, ebook or you can also provide contact and you can buy option on your site so that people can take your course by paying when they come to your site.


How to make money from blogging – 2020


Friends, this was the way to know how to earn money from the blog, in which friend you liked the best, we can tell you and remember whatever work you are doing, work hard and diligently so that you do not face problems later.

There is no sort out of earning money online so that you can earn money from the Internet. If you are thinking of earning money without working, then remove it from your mind because it is not possible in today’s time you have to work hard to earn money. to do .

You all must have known how many ways you can make money from Blogging and blogs and what you have to do to earn money from blogs, I Hope, you must have liked this post. So you Share this post with friends and family members so that they also know How to make money from blogging , and what are the ways to earn money from Internet. Have a nice day to read this post in full,



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