How to do Keyword Planning for your blog / website?

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How to do Keyword Planning for your blog / website?

Today if you are using business online platform or you have a website or blog, then in today’s post I will tell you about Keyword Planning for Blog. So read the post completely so that you can understand how to do Blog Keyword Planning.

In Online Marketing, a Keyword is defined as a Word or Sentence that is used by a person to store information on a topic. People usually do Keyword Search in Search Engine like Google Bing Yahoo or Social Media Site like Facebook Twitter. So that they can find the information they are looking for


Why do you need to become a Keyword Planner?


Now they understand why do you need to become a planner? You know that the number of people searching for online Business through Day by Day Keyword search is increasing very fast. And this is a very good sign for a Business men who want to reach their business to the public and increase their reach. They have also been able to optimize their blog / website and social media profiles by using the related keyword related to their business.
They target such keywords which are related to their business and which are used a lot in search. Now when people search for that keyword then obviously the chances of reaching your site increases. Similarly, Batter Quality on your website Organic Traffic Rises

Although it is a bit difficult to decide which Keyword Relevant Traffic is bringing, yet there are many tools online to find the popularity and competition of some Keyword. This is a very intelligent work to understand and examine. And when Google Analytics is available for you for free, then it becomes easy to know which keyword is bringing traffic to your website.


Marketers first need to make sure that the right people are searching them and that they are not wasting their money on useless clicks. So for this we have to create Keyword Planning or a better keyword strategy of your blog. I feel like Keyword Planning or research is a regular practice that helps in increasing the visibility of your business or products. If you increase your Organic Traffic There is no need to invest money on Pay Per Click.

You can always go ahead and use your Keyword List to bring your blog up.

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How to do Keyword Planning?

Now let’s have a little idea how to build Keyword Planning. Here I am giving you some suggestions about Keyword Planning. Make a small list of relevant 4-5 keywords for your business. Make a list of those keywords related to the services and products you are offering. While doing this, you feel that you are a consumer who is looking for some products or information.

Do not worry, I am not making you a user from a business person, I am explaining to you that you should think like a user yourself, now we will consider the relevance and volume of the keyword

Create a Keyword by looking at competition, avoid using such word or word in your Keyword whose competition is very high. This will make it difficult to rank well in search engines. Rather, use keywords on which competition is low and your business is relevant and special.


Keep these things in mind

When taking a decision about keywords, be sure to consider two things, keeping in mind both the keyword’s relevance and the search engine results, you need to create a balance between the two. But in search engines, people are searching with different keywords, then you will not get good results.

In this way, design and optimize your keyword recording website. It is not that you have chosen keywords, so fit your website. There is no such requirement. However, you should use your keywords wherever necessary.

For example, write the best article about whatever keywords you used in your post. Now Google’s algorithms have become very smart. Keyword Planning is good but your content holds even more value

I hope that through this post you will have got the basic idea related to Keyword Planning for your blog. Confusion for creating keyword strategy will also have cleared you. If there is a problem anyway. So read the post again or direct your comments to us, you can write your questions or thoughts, thanks.

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