How to Create SEO Friendly Image?Blogger tutorial 2020

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Blogger: How to Create SEO Friendly Image?


Hello, friends, today I am going to tell you through this post. How to create a Seo friendly image. If you want to take traffic of your website. So you on Image seo search. Should be noted. If you seo the image correctly, then you can get a good amount of visitors traffic through the image on the blog.

Image is very important to put in the website, which helps in understanding the visitors and the look of the website looks better. And seo the photo is a big point on on page seo with the help of which the post ranks, but the question is whether the image blog post we use is seo friendly or not.

Every blogger knows how important traffic is for a blog.

If you know that the image used in the website is not indexed by google search engine, then how can you think in your mind.

So let us see the blog post image seo friendly how do we use and what have to be done.

Many visitors like the post writing visitors as they like to visit your website after seeing the post photo because they get help in understanding the image. An image is equal to 100 Sabbath. I mean at least Add an image, we will be able to explain what you wrote in 100 posts in one post, that you can explain with an image.

So let us see the blog post image seo friendly how do we use and what have to be done.

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Blogger: How to create seo Friendly image.


Seo means search engine friendly. I say that when someone searches on google. So our image can also be seen on google …

After uploading the image to the blog, editing the image has to be done to make it seo friendly. About which we will try to tell step by step. If you have any problem between the posts then you can tell in the comment.

It is very important to create a seo image along with writing seo post.

1- Rename before uploading the image in post.





Every new blogger makes this mistake. They are the ones who do not rename the image they put in the post. As we pulled the photo from the phone from anywhere, its name is in some number so that google does not know what the last image is. But if it had some name, it would be known. Whose image is this

Seo friendly is the most important for an image without a name, it takes a lot of time to understand the sarchs engine, due to which the image of our post is not brought to google. If you also put an image without a name in the post, do not do it. Seo friendly image will be denied only if you have an image related name.


2- Set ALT Tag in image.

After uploading the image in the post, it is very important to add ALT Tag to the image. Many bloggers are not aware of this, due to which they put it in the image post without optimizing. By doing this google will never show the image of our post in search. This shows both visitors and Google to understand.


We have added our Hindi Me Helps photo here. And the image is optimized. You can teach by looking at my image. How to create seo friendly image. I am


Set ALT Tag in image.
Set ALT Tag in image.


Type your image name in Titles Text. If someone does tech with this, then the name will be seen in it.
In alt text, you write about your image. So that google knows which are these

3- Add Caption

This option is not so important for us. Even then, the captain can add a captain. With this, you will not have any problem of seo, but if you want to tell visitors about the image, then the captain can add.

4- How should the size of the image be.

Seo does not matter from image size, how the image size should be, the blogger already knows. The larger the image size, the longer it takes for us to stay. That’s why select a size that takes the least time to open. I use all image JPG files in Hindi Me Helps.

You can understand what the size should be by looking at the image below. But I can not suppress you. That you also use JPG files. Once you have checked the size of the image. Do not spoil the quality of the size and keep the size as low as possible.


Seo friendly Image
Seo friendly Image

So friend, I have shared with you today how to make the image seo. I have told you about the image seo as much as I have the experience. After that I would say that upload such a photo in the post so that visitors can get some help. Do not upload the image without any work. So that visitors can understand how to understand.

It will be easy for you to create a seo friendly image, yet if you have problems, then you can tell in the comment box.


I hope you liked my post, tell us and if you want some more information related to internet, then you can tell us.

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