History of google – What is Google and its Top 10 Products 2021

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History of google – What is Google and its Top 10 Products 2021

We all know what is Google is but do you know the history of google. Hardly anyone knows but today this post will give you complete information in History of google  and we will tell you some interesting facts about Google which you may not know. You will be very surprised to know these facts. You will wonder if this also happens.
History of Google , What is Google, Interesting Facts about Google.

History of google

You search for something on Google every day. But it is very likely that you do not know the history of Google.
No worries, we’ll tell you the history of Google and share with you everything related to Google.


If you go back in time just 20 years from today when Google was not started. Then you will know how difficult it was for people to search anything on the Internet.

But since Google was started, a revolution has taken place in the world of Internet. Today Google’s A. I (Artificial Intelligence) has gone so far that you get the answer to any question you ask.
But that was not always the case. Do you know when the Internet was discovered? The Internet was discovered in 1983. But a huge change in the field of Internet came when Google was created. What country is Google from? Who created Google? We will tell you all these in full details.

History of google – Complete history of Google

What is Google: Google is an American company. Its branches, spread to many countries (almost all over the world) and it is also a public site that anyone can use hence it is called a multinational public company. You must have found the answer to what is Google .

Now, who created Google? Two people are known as the Founder of Google. One is Larry Page and the other is Sergey Brin. These two people are also known as “Google Guys”.

They were P.H.D. students when they founded Google. In 1996, they started a search engine called Backrub.

The reason behind the name Backrub is Backlink. Because it ranked Search Engine Sites based on their Backlinks.
But after a while they wanted to change the name of their search engine.

According to the dictionary, Google’s current name (Google) is incorrect. Its purest form is “Googol” which means an power of 100 over 10, in simple terms, 100 minus 1. Google did not acquire its own domain at startup. It started a site called google.stanford.edu by associating its sub-domain with Stanford University’s domain.

Google later registered its own domain on September 15, 1997. We will tell you some fun facts related to Google’s Domains in a heading ‘Interesting Facts about Google’ in this article, so keep reading the whole article.

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Do you know when Google created its first doodle homepage? Google created its first doodle homepage in 1998, and Google is currently changing more than 2000+ doodles. By now you must have understood what Google is. And you must have known the history of google .

So far we have learned about Google and the history of Google. Now let us know what was the first logo of Google. And when and which logo did Google change?

Google Logo History

From the logo that Larry Page and Sergey Brin created from their Collage Project, to 2015, Google has added all the changes that Google has made to its Logo in Infographics. You can fully understand Google Logo History with the help of this one infographics.

You may not know how many Google products and services are currently on the Internet. For your information let us know that Google has about 251+ products and services. But now Google is shutting down many of those products.

We tell you about the Top 10 Google products that are more famous all over the world and that everyone knows about. We will learn in detail about some of these products so that you can get Complete Knowledge.

  1. Google Search
  2. Gmail
  3. Chrome Browser
  4. Gooogle lens
  5. Google Maps
  6. Google Docs
  7.  Analytics
  8. AdWords
  9. Google Drive
  10. Adsense

What are the top 10 Google products?

Do you know what Google’s Top 10 Products are? We will give you complete information about all these products, then this post will be very long. So we will briefly tell you about these Top 10 Products. This will give you an idea of ​​how this app works.

# 01 What is Google Search?

Google search or Google web search is a search engine where we search by typing anything, it gives us the answer, but do you know how Google search works or how Google search works?
Google stores websites on the Internet and articles being posted on those websites in its database. And when a visitor searches in Google Web Search by typing a keyword, he gets the correct information from that database.

What is # 02 G-mail?

G-mail is an email service from Google where we can create an account and send emails to each other. For example, in the old days we used letters to communicate with each other, but as technology evolved we humans became more digital and now we do not use letters with the help of Gmail. We can send Text, Video, Document etc .. to anyone. You can send any file up to 25MB with G-mail. If you want to create your GMail Account, you can do so by clicking here.

# 03 What is Chrome Browser?

This is a web browser and was created by Google. Google launched its Web Browser on January 25, 2010. Chrome Browser is the world’s most popular web browser. Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Browser compete.

The rankings of these two as the World’s Best Browser keep changing. Sometimes Firefox comes to 1st, sometimes Google Chrome comes to 1st. You probably know why everyone likes Google Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox Browser. This is because of their extensions. Yes, they have a lot of extensions which makes it very easy to work on these browsers.

# 04 What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is a new product from Google that allows you to focus on and identify things around you. This app is new right now so can’t recognize everything. But it easily recognizes famous things, but over time it will get better, Google claims.

# 05 What is Google Map?

You probably know what Google map is and have used it yourself. This is a Navigation app created by Google Company. From which you can find out about the routes near any place and get information about Shops, Petrol pumps, Restaurant etc .. located near those routes.

# 06 What is Google Docs?

With Google Docs you can create your own document online without having to install any software or apps.
Just like you create your Document File on MS Word, you can also create your File from this Google Docs. Google Docs also gives you some advanced features.

If you have used your first MS Word, you will be able to use Google Docs easily. If you want to use it in your android phone, you can download it from Play Store.

# 07 What is Google Analytics?

When we launch a Blog or Website, we think about where the Visitors are coming to the Blog and which Post they are visiting more and we also think about how many people are visiting our Site every day. Find out how.
Google Analytics helps us with that. With the help of this we can find out about Total Visitors coming to our site and their device and their country.
To learn more about it you can start your own free blog and learn it by connecting to your free blog.

# 08 What is Google Adword?

At first I wondered how Google earns? Then I found out that Google has a tool called AdWords which helps Google earn around 121 million dollars every day.
Google AdWords is an Advertising Tool that allows you to advertise any of your products, you can advertise your Website, Youtube Channel, Product etc .. Any Online Business. Google AdWords was launched on October 23, 2000. At that time, 350 Advertisers had started their own business with Adwords.

# 09 What is Google Drive?

Simply put, Google Drive is online storage. You can store your Photos, Document Files, Videos, PDF file or any type of Files on Google Drive and access it through a link. By now you know what Google Drive is.

The advent of Google Drive has been a great help to website developers as before they had to upgrade the hosting plan of the website (Pdf, Docs) to store the necessary files for their website so that they can get more storage. But with the advent of Google Drive, they store their files in Drive and link it to the Download button on their blog.

A common man can also use Google Drive to save his files.
Do you know – how to use Google Drive?
It is very easy to use, all you have to do is login with your G-mail account and use it. You do not need to register and pay for this.

# 10 What is Google Adsense?

What is Google Adsense: Google Adsense was launched on June 18, 2003. Google delivers ads from its AdWords to the public with the help of  Adsense.
Ads on Websites are placed on Websites with the help of Adsense. So that Website Owner also gets good Earning.

To learn what Google Adsense is and how to use it, you need to create a Website or Blog that will help you understand practically everything.
If you do not have a Blog or Website then you cannot use Adsense because Ads will only show when you put it in your Blog or Website.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Google

So far we have learned about Google, History of Google , Google Logo History, Top 10 Google products, etc. Now we know Top 5 interesting facts about Google. You will have a lot of fun knowing these facts and you will be a little surprised.

Google redirects all of its Misspelled domain names to its original name (Google.com). You can type any of these domains and enter it, it will open the original Google. Misspelled domains: Gooogle.com, Gogle.com, Goolge.com, Google.com, Google.com, Google.net, Google.com, Googl.com

You do not have to have a degree to get a job at Google. Because Google doesn’t give you a job based on degree. Proof of this is that 14% of Google employees never went to school or collage.

When Google launched its Gmail on April 1, 2004, everyone thought that Google was making them April Fools because Google offered 1GB of free storage in Gmail, which is a lot more than the storage offered by a company in 2004. Was more. At that time, No.1 Email Company, Hotmail only gave 2MB of storage, which made people think that it was April Fool’s Frank, but it was absolutely right.

August 16, 2013 Just went down for 5 minutes and due to these 5 minutes the traffic on the internet was reduced by 40%.
When we type a keyword and search on Google, Google counts 200 factors before showing us any result so that it can show us the correct result. And it only takes a few seconds for Google to do that.

Conclusion: My Final words about History of google 

We hope you have learned a lot from this post. You will love to know about Google, History of google and Top 10 Products of Google. And you must have liked what we said Top 5 Interesting Facts about Google.

Let us know in the comments if you need any other facts related to Google’s products.
We will definitely let you know about it. You must give us your opinion in the comment box. If you want to read an article on another topic, let me know. Let us know in the comments if you need any information related to the blog.

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