Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches For Urdu Blogger

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Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches For Urdu Blogger


Today I am going to talk in this post, which is the best niche for google adsense, which means the topic means that you are blogging on which topics, you can choose any topic according to your interest, but the one who tells here Am google adsense pay more on which topics

We all know google adsense is a very popular source of earning money online, many people search for a good topic to earn money online, but you can definitely choose a good topic by planning one here. I am telling


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Top 10 high paying keywords of Google Adsense





1. Health Related Blog


Health-related blog is a very good niche for Google adsense, there is a lot of search in health search engine, but before starting a health blog, you should have knowledge about health, only then you can earn good money from Google adsense.


2. Technology Related Blog


Technology related news or articles are searched most on the internet. We all know how much technology is increasing day by day, most people search the latest, you should make a blog on the technology niche because more pay on google adsense technology niche Does


3. Make Money Online Related Blog


People from every part of the world are now trying to earn money online. These days search queries have increased to earn money online on the Internet. People are always looking for best ways to earn money on the Internet. There is a lot of youth in it who are searching more on the internet about making money online tips. If you are earning online in some other way, then I think you should start a blog at this place. Not only adsense, but also the ads network is giving you the opportunity to earn money.


4. Download Website  Related Blog


You can also earn good money by creating a blog related to the downloading site. Adsense on the downloading site pays very well. There are two types of downloading site consume and click. consume is a website where people come to get information but click on the website, people who want to download software and accidentally click on many advertisements. A good CTR is found on the downloading site, for example, you must have seen the Softonic and Filehippo sites.


5. Insurance  Related blog


Insurance is the most expensive niche that your blog can earn a lot. We all know that insurance is such a high competition and at the same time it is very complex to get a higher rank, so advertisers’ bids are as high as they can. Insurance can also give you up to $ 54 for one click on the blog


6. Celebrities  Related Blog


There is a very hot topic between media and celebrity people. People want to know about their favorite celebrity. Its search volume is very high. You can create a blog on media and celebrity related topics.


7. Fashion Se Related Blog


Fashion is one of the oldest topics and fashion is very popular all over the world. People love their fashion more than their clothes, attitude, home, and work. Since the fashion industry is a billion dollar industry, so related to the fashion theme Can create a blog.


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I hope you have come to know about the Google adsense high paying niche in this post, so start making blogs on these niche from now on.


  1. […] Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches For Urdu Blogger […]

  2. […] Highest CPC Keywords and Best Adsense Niches For Urdu Blogger […]

  3. […] Highest CPC Keywords And Best Adsense Niches For Urdu Blogger […]

  4. […] Highest CPC Keywords And Best Adsense Niches For Urdu Blogger […]

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