Google Adsense Approval Tricks 2020 Full Information

Google AdSense Approval Trick

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Google Adsense Approval Tricks 2020 Full Information


If you have a blog or website and do not have a Google Adsense Approval account, then there is nothing to worry, after reading this post, your google adsense account will be approved if you have Google Adsense Approval, then I will congrats you


google adsense is one of the most popular and high paying ad network, millions of people use this ad network in the world and make money. because this ad network gives very good rate to its publishers, so this is the world’s highest running ad network and this ad network is google’s ad network


In this post, I will clear all your douts, google adsense rejects your application, why I reject all these questions in this post.


Do you have knowledge about Google Adsense Approval trick 2020. If you are not reading the right post in this post, I will give you information about adsense approval trick 2020, which you will know and you can easily google adsense Will also be able to apply for

If you have a blog or website, then you can apply to create an Adsense account, before applying tomorrow, you will read some things that you will know by reading this post.


In this post, I will tell you google adsense approval trick 2020 because it is important for you to know before applying for google adsense. If you want to know about google adsense tricks, then you keep reading this post till the end

Top 07 Google Adsense approval tricks in 2020


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1: NO Copyright and quality Content


First thing comes, if you have done a unique article write of the content, then you can easily apply for google adsense account. You have to do 20 to 27 such unique article work in a work which does not have any copyright, And you will have to write every article 1000 to 1200 words, by which you will get easy google adsense approval. You can write article in any language, you can write article in English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, too. You can create an account of google adsense, but you have to write article unique, so that you will not have any issue in the approval of google adsense.



2: use no copyright images

The second thing comes after writing content, no copyright images, use no copyright images inside any of your posts, because if you use copyright images, you will find it difficult to get google adsense approval, so you use no copyright images. There is some website that provides no copyright images to you, you can download no copyright images by visiting that website, you can download and use no copyright images from the websites given below.



Top 15 Sites for No Copyright and Royalty-Free Images

Vintage Stock Photos
Life of pix
Negative space

3: Mobile Friendly and Responsive seo Template


The theme in your blog meter a lot, you download a good theme and use it in your blog. There are many websites that provide you thousands of themes for free and you can use them in your blog. Download the theme which is responsive and mobile friendly. Responsive and mobile friendly theme will help you in approving adsense account .below there are some AdSense friendly blogger templates and i recommended for you that you can use this themes on your blog


Top 8 AdSense friendly blogger template
SEO Boost – AdSense friendly blogger template
Life Hack – AdSense friendly blogger template
SeoRocket – AdSense friendly blogger template
Sorabook –AdSense friendly blogger template
Best Magazine – AdSense friendly blogger template
Sorafront –AdSense friendly blogger template
Flezine – AdSense friendly blogger template
Shouters –AdSense friendly blogger template

4: Create pages on your blog


Your blogger or wordpress should have about us, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms and condition. These pages should be on your blogger or wordpress. If these pages are not on your blog or wordpress then you will not get google adsense approval google. Adsense can reject your google adsense account request, so these pages should be valid on your blog or website, the below pages should be legitimate on your blog or website.
About us
Contact us
privacy policy
Terms and Condition

5: Custom Domain Name


Do you have a custom domain, if not then you will have to purchase a custom domain first, from which you will get google adsense account approval soon, you have to have (Top Level Domain) and example (.com, .in,. uk,, .edu,…). I will recommend you that you can purchase a TLD Top Level Domain domain name, you can buy anything but I will recommend you that this domain name (.com, .in, .uk,, .edu purchase



6. Other Ad Networks


Like Adsense, there are many other ad networks which google adsense does not allow, if you use any other ad network, then delete it before applying it to adsense account, if not, then reject the application of your google adsense account. Can do


7. Supported Language


Your blog is in which language, you have created your blog in which language. Google adsense supports some languages ​​which will provide you in google support, if you do not know that google adsense supports which languages ​​then click here karein.


1: You write 17 to 20 unique articles on your blog or website
2: you use no copyright images on your blog or website
3: Use a good mobile friendly and responsive theme on your blog or website.
4: Create pages on your blog or website, about us, contact us, disclaimer, terms and condition, privacy policy
5: You purchase a custom domain for your blog or website
6: You delete other AD Network on your blog or website
7: You use google adsense support language on your blog or website


Hope you have benefited from this article google adsense approval tricks and you must have also understood what is the requirement to get google adsense approved, if you liked this article then you can subscribe to our blog , If you want to do any question then you can comment me in the comment box, I will try to answer your every question

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