Frog-eating snake seems to be making its final cry –

Snakes are known for swallowing their prey whole. This little snake’s bad luck seemed to turn around.

Photographer Julie-Anne O’Neill claimed credit for this image in a Google+ post on NoʋemƄer 2016.

There she wrote that this shot of an Australian green tree frog eating a brown snake was taken at night on a Canon EOS 550D.

Hauer, because the picture had been seen online before she posted it. Her claim therefore could not be verified, O’Neill added:

“Before being arrested I told Eli that they only eat bugs. The Australian brown snake is very large. Even if the snake bites the frog But as you can see if you enlarge the image. The frog will be above you. Not a happy ending for Hower the snake…”

Image Credit: Julie-Anne O’Neill

In fact, the snake’s expression was comparable to that of a fish photographed inside a jellyfish. Which in the end is also not happy

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