Top 10+ Free Keyword Research Tools for Beginners Bloggers

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Top 10+ Free Keyword Research Tools for Beginners Bloggers


Free Keyword Research Tools – Do you also use Google Keyword Planner Tool to do Free Keyword Research, because you do not have a budget, can take a good Paid Keyword Research Tool.

While Google does not say the volume of the Exact Keyword in the Keyword Planner, the Exact CPC is also not detected from there, as you can see in this image below –

google keyword planner

So many blogger friends have a lot of difficulty about how much is the Exact Volume of that keyword and how much will be its Exact CPC and how much is Exact Difficulty of that Keyword. So I have brought some 10 such tools by searching for you on Google, using which you will be able to find Exact Keyword for your Niche in Free without any Paid tool.

And in the last I will also tell you a Bonus Tips which is absolutely unique and I will tell you the trick to use Paid tool for free, friends, then read the entire article, then only you can take advantage of it.

So that 10+ Keyword Tools is something like this –

  1. Google Trends;
  2. Ahrefs Keyword Generator;
  3. Keyword Surfer;
  4. Keyword Sheeter;
  5. Keyworddit;
  6. Google Search Console;
  7. Bulk Keyword Generator;
  8. Google;
  9. Questiondb;
  10. Answer the Public.
  11. Bonus Tool (Paid but Free)

Let us know how you will use this Keyword Research Tools –

1. Google Trends (These tools are not for everyone)


Friends, there is no need to tell you about Google Trends separately, because if you are a blogger then you know about it. Still, people who do not know what these Google trends are, then let me tell you that this is a Google tool,

In which you are doing more searches in Google every day, that means you can find out about what people are searching more in today’s day or this month, and you can also write posts in your blog using that keyword. Ho.

Read also: –

Example – I searched on Google Trends by writing a Keyword (Blogging), then in this image below you can see how much their interest is in people worldwide –

Here the meaning of Interest Over Time is shown – the graph is given and the 25, 50, 75, and 100 given in it, then through Google it tells that 75 means all the people in this whole internet. But they do search by writing blogging, they are 75% people of this world who use internet. 100 means that all the people who use the Internet all over the world mean that 100% of the people search the blogging keyword in Google. And in the same way 25 means 25% of the people using the internet and 50 means half of the people using the internet.

So if you want to ask anything about this tool, you can ask in the comment below.

Here you will not know the Exact Volume, but for those who want to work on Trending Keyword, this tool is the best, where you can get millions of visitors in a few days.

Write a blog post on the same keyword that you see here trending, and then see how much traffic comes to your blog!

2. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Friends, this is a great tool. You all know how much Charges of Ahrefs Paid tool of the month and most beginner people are unable to afford this tool and that’s why Ahrefs provide this Keyword Generator Tool with some feature for those people for free. Where you will get idea up to 150 keywords.

In this, you can see that I searched in this by writing seo, so how are I showing its results –

ahrefs keyword generator

ahrefs keyword generator1

KD here means Keyword Difficulty. Meaning, I searched the keyword named seo, so if you use that keyword in your blog and write a post, how much competition will you face. Here KD 95, 98, 88, 82 are showing all these with red background too, so it means that your blog will never show on Google SERP, will show but if ranked in page number 100 or 200 There is no use for this, is it?

So what you are showing is 29, 23, 0 and they are also showing with green color background, this means that you can write posts using these keywords in your blog and can also rank in Google SERP. .

Volume means how many people search that keyword in google. So the higher the volume, the better it is for you and there is no limit.


Ahrefs Keyword Generator


But one thing you must pay attention is that kd should be below 30 or 30 no matter what the volume is.

And in this you can choose any country, I have chosen India here because I write a blog post in Hindi. Or any country in which you want to rank your blog.

Here, let me tell you a trick that you can show the keyword difficulty in 30 or below 30 in it, by using it in your blog, you can get ranked on the first page on Google SERP. And do a search on Google for the same keyword because there you get related keyword and you have to use it in your blog post.

Friends, there is a drawback of this tool that these cpc do not show you for free and for this you will have to take paid subscription, but in the tools I have given you below, you can also see cpc for free.

And this Ahrefs Keyword Generator tool has 3 big features that if you have your YouTube channel in the same tool then you can do Keyword Research for YouTube as well. And if you sell something on Amazon, then you can also find the best keywords for them and you can also find keywords for Bing Search Engine.

3. Best Chrome Extension Keyword Research Tools –

3.1 – Keyword Surfer (Chrome Extension)

Friends, this Keyword Surfer is a Best Chrome Extension, which you have to install and you will not need to open it in a separate new window. Once installed, whenever you do a search on Google by typing some keywords, then like the image below, you will see the CPC, Volume of that Keyword for free.

keyword surfer

keyword surfer

3.2 – Keywords Everywhere (Chrome Extension)

Friends, you can also use this Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension. These also show you up to 50 keywords for free, whenever you search anything on Google.

These show you a lot of keywords related to that keyword.

Like I did a search on Google by typing seo, then on the sidebar, I showed a lot of keywords, this tool –

keywords everywhere related topic idea

keywords everywhere related topic idea

So here on these keywords everywhere tool you have to install in your Chrome Browser and these related keywords and people who search more also show that keywords on google.

It also has a Paid Subscription, which you can take at a very low price (for $ 10 you can do a complete data research of a lakh keywords), but it is not even necessary. I have described many free tools below.

3.2 – Ubersuggest (Chrome Extension)

Friends, although ubersuggest has become a paid tool in recent times, but it is still free in terms of Chrome extension. So when you search in Google to find one of your keywords, after installing ubersuggest in Chrome browser, you will get some such results for free like paid tool –


This is the keywords of Right Side Bar –

ubersuggest chrome extension

3.3 – WMS Everywhere (Chrome Extension)

3.4 – Keyword Lookup (Chrome Extension)

Friends, you can use ubersuggest of these four, which shows you 60% accurate results.


4. Keyword Sheeter(Keyword Research Tools )

Friends, this Keyword Sheeter is also a great keyword research tool by using which you can find 1000 keywords every minute. As you may have seen in this image below, how many related keywords of keywords like seo name you are seeing, you can find any such keywords.

Keyword sheeter

Here, by typing just one keyword (which you need) click on the sheet keywords, it will show you thousands of keywords, but once you clicked on the sheet keywords, at the same place you will get the option of stop sheeting and when If you feel that you are getting 100 or more keywords, then you have to stop, otherwise these tools will show you so many keywords that you will be confused which keyword will be suitable for you.

You can also filter keywords here. Where Negative is written, you have to write the words which you do not want and where Positive is written, you should write any particular words whose idea you need more.

5. Keyworddit

Friends Keyworddit is also a great tool for doing keyword research. You must have heard about Raddit site, this tool helps you to find keywords of that site.

These tools help you find up to 500 keywords. If you do not know much about Niche, then you will get a lot of idea in this tool.

Like when I wrote books and clicked on the Get Keywords, then you also get a lot of Idea for whatever topic related to this Niche –

Keyworddit Keyworddit tool results

keyworddit tool results

So like I said, this tool tells you about each of the related topics of a Niche and see if you are showing some related keywords as well.

6. Google Search Console


Google Search Console tracks about Organic Searches and Performance happening in your own blog or website. This means that here it shows you that the keywords that are already ranked on Google in your blog show you the complete data of whatever keywords are related.

Like my blog which is Google Search Console, it is something like this – here they show keywords through which all the traffic in the last three months

Google Search Console performance

Google Search Console keywords

These are some keywords that send traffic to my blog, friends, this is just an example, and there are also 1000+ keywords through which traffic is found in my blog.

Friends, now let us know about Clicks, Impression, Average CTR and Average Position –

google search console keywords-1

The keywords you see here that they are ranking between 5-6, but if more traffic is coming to your blog through the same keywords then your rank will rise further.

The calculation of CTR here can only increase your ranking. CTR means Click Through Rate. This means that the keywords of your blog are currently ranking in Google SERP, how many clicks are happening and how many people are coming to read your blog.

Google Search Console keyword

So you have to do this – find the keyword with the lowest CTR in your Search Console and if you try to write some more 5-6 new blog posts with it, then you will get better results.

And you find keywords with same CTR which is less than 1% or 1% and Impression is very high which means it is in millions or thousands and Clicks are just 100 people or less, then choose the same keywords for new blog posts. to note.

This is the best way to do Keyword Research for your own blog, because in Google Search Console you only show your data only, and the keywords that show if you publish the same keyword related and blog posts then chances are It is more that more and more traffic comes in your blog and also rank in the top in Google SERP and that too soon.


7. Bulk Keyword Generator

This Bulk Keyword Generator tool helps you find all the keywords that people find in the Local Area, it helps you find any Local Keywords in the World Wide.

So what you have to do here is –

Step 1 – First you have to click above the Select Category –
bulk keywords generator step 1

bulk keywords generator step 2

I have selected the Fitness category for the example.

Then select the sub categories and click on Select Service Types –


Step 2 – Now in step 2 you have to enter the location and click on generate keywords –


In this, you have to enter the name of the local area around you. Only then you will get the best keywords ideas. And here you can enter multiple locations.

Step 3 – You will get many such Local Keywords Ideas –

bulk keywords generator
bulk keywords generator

So friends from here, you have to implement the keywords related to your area in your blog post.

8. Google

Friends, you might know to search keywords from Google, if you are a blogger! But for those who do not know how to find keywords from Google, I am telling you this –

So you have to write that keyword on the search bar. Like I searched by writing seo, you can write a great blog post by using the keywords, Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) that people recommend in People Search, for Searches related to.

google people also search


google people also search 2



Here the ones that Google recommends are the bold words in the last and the ones you write in the Google Search bar, then those who boldly recommend you, speak LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords which you definitely need in your blog. should use

Like – LSI keywords you find in Google’s search bar –


Friends here from Google and in a way you can remove the best keywords, whatever you search on Google, the featured Snippet and the details of all the results that are shown in it, bold you show the keywords in your blog. Can use in post.

Like – if I searched on Google by writing seo, then see this

Google serp bold keywords example 1

Google serp bold keywords example 2

So you can use bold keywords like this, by finding the one which is related to your Niche.

9. Questiondb(Keyword Research Tools )


This Questiondb is also a great Keyword Research Tool. It lets you find keywords from Raddit and is very unique keywords.

So here, when I clicked on the blogging write Generate, I have found some 10 unique keywords which I can use in my blog post and you can also find keywords related to your Niche / Topic.

questiondb keyword research toolquestiondb keyword research tool ex

And here also another feature.if you check above the box of show source link.then you will be shown the link of where people have searched or where you have asked that particular keyword –

questiondb source link

If you want full keywords here, then you have to get paid subscription. Which is not needed. Use the 10 keywords that you show here in your blog post.

10. Answer the Public(Keyword Research Tools )

Answer the Public shows you questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related searches.

So friends, this is a very good keyword research tool and these tools show you keywords like, I have never seen such free tools.

Like I searched by typing seo –

Answer the Public

data do people ask?
 answer the public keywords example 1

people search for what prepositions data –

Answer the Public 1

people ask questions of comparisons data of –
data of keywords mentioned in Alphabetical –
answer2Bthe2Bpublic2Bkeywords2Bexample-2 (1)
the data of related keywords –

Bonus Tip –


11. SEMrush Tool (Paid / Free)(Keyword Research Tools )


Friends, although this is SEMrush tool Paid, but it lets you research 10 keywords in a day for free.

All you have to do is to create 10 different Email / Gmail and sign up before different Gmail every time. After that, when you have 10 keywords research on a Gmail id which is a day limit, you can do keyword research for free by logging in with a different gmail id. Friends, do not do this in the Spammy way. Research the appropriate keywords only if necessary. Do not over limit by researching unnecessary keywords.

Here in the tool you will see a feature like Paid Tool key. But with this trick, you will be able to do your Keyword Research for free. This tool is especially good for Hindi Blogger like me, because in this tool Hindi keywords show 90% Real and in Comparison of Tools.

So, if you are a urdu blogger, use this tool only.

SEMrush Tool

Here I searched by writing keyword named seo and selecting Country India, then I am showing these results.

So, the keywords that are showing difficulty here, if you show such keyword difficulty in any keywords, then there is no need to write blog posts in that keyword, because most of the websites or blogs here are of high quality and these have been for years. Google are ranked on SERP and your blog will never rank here.

So you try this. Choose only keywords with less than 30 Keyword difficulty. For your blog, even if the CPC is low and you can choose keywords with less than $ 0.05, then you can choose even less.

Because what happens if the less cpc keywords you choose, the less competition you will get.

Yes, you can write a blog post with keywords with 78% Keyword difficulty, but if you are working hard then work hard on where you will profit. As I do, if I get keywords with less keyword difficulty and less cpc, then I do not leave it.

12. Ubersuggest (Free / Paid)


Friends, who does not know this tool, it is a tool of neil patel. Although it is a paid tool, but daily you get 10 keywords / day to do research for free. Apart from this, as I mentioned above, the chrome extension that it has is absolutely free, so you can use it as well. I do too

So friends, how did you like our 10+ free Keyword Research Tools for Beginners Bloggers Post today? Did your problem solve? And which of these tools are you going to use and which tool suits you best? And do you know more about Free Keyword Research Tools? Please tell me in the comments below. I want to know !

And if you want that you and your friends will get some benefit from this post.definitely share this post with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for your valuable time,

Wish You All The Very Best.

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