What is Image Submission? Free Image Submission Sites List 2021

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What is Image Submission? Free Image Submission Sites List 2021


What is the image submission in this post today? Why is it important for SEO? What are its benefits? What is best free images submission sites? etc. Learn about This is a very good and free way to create high-quality backlink in website blog and improve search ranking. If you also want to increase free high-quality backlink and search engine ranking for your website blog, then this post can prove useful for you.


The most important to increase traffic on any website blog is its SEO. With the help of SEO, we can bring the pages post of our website blog to the top position in the search engine. There are many techniques of doing SEO and in those techniques there is also an images submission. Image submission is a very good technique for off-page SEO. With its help, you can increase high-quality backlink and traffic for your website blog.
Blog website’s search ranking is a very simple and free way to improve and make backlinks. So let’s know what is image submission and what are free image submission sites

What is Image Submission?


This is a technique of an off-page SEO. In this, you have to share the related images from your website blog in other images submission sites. When you share your images in these image submission sites with high domain authority, you will also get good traffic with high-quality backlink for your blog website.


Ex. Like when we do some search in Google, then there are many images related to that topic in the image, then all those images are used in some website, if you click on any of them then You will go to the website that has used that image in your site or will be sharing the image in a site, and most of the top domain authority site images show at the top. So you too can bring traffic to the site by submitting free image in such high ranking sites.


There are many such free image submission sites in the Internet where you can share your images.

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What are its benefits?

Image submission has many benefits such as


Your website blog’s search ranking increases by image submission.

Search engines get to know about your website blog easily.

This gives quality backlink to your website blog

There is a traffic increase on your website blog.


How to Submit Image?

Images submission is very easy, for image submission first you have to sign up free from your gmail account in image submission sites, after signup you can share images. In image submission you have to insert unique, high-quality image, tittle, discretion and tags.


You will need all these things in all images submission sites, so you write them all in a notepad or word, after that you turn and share in all image submission sites.


While submitting images, you have to keep a few things in mind.


Whatever image you share, use the same title related to the same image.

Description Write well and include the url of your post page in the description

Add your man keyword to the title, description

Do not share any wrong images due to the temptation of more traffic lane


Share unique images, unique image created by itself will rank quickly. If you download a free image from net and share it, it comes in duplicate image and it will not rank quickly.


Share the images in a good high DA website. Here below I am telling about some top high DA image submission sites, you can share your images in these sites.


Best Free Image Submission Sites List

There are many such sites in the Internet where you can share your images, but not all sites are effective. So you share your images on those sites which have high DA (Domain Authority). So here I am telling about the top 20 free images submission sites which is the most popular, in these sites you can signup for free from your gmail account.

  • imgur.com
  • visual.ly
  • tumblr.com
  • 4shared.com
  • weheartit.com
  • plus.google.com
  • postimages.org
  • twitter.com
  • 500px.com
  • facebook.com
  • in.pinterest.com
  • instagram.com
  • myspace.com
  • flickr.com
  • tinypic.com
  • slickpic.com
  • scoop.it
  • mediafire.com
  • photo.net
  • fineartamerica.com


These are top free sites on which you can share high-quality backlink and traffic for your website blog by sharing your images.


I hope you like this post. If you have any doubt related to this post, then you can ask in the comment below.

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