Four Weight Loss Formulas: A Guide to Achieving a 32 kg Weight Loss

4 weight loss formulas

Four Weight Loss Formulas: A Guide to Achieving a 32 kg Weight Loss


Summary of 4 weight loss formulas from 82 kilograms to 50 kilograms, step by step, recommending ways to lose weight It’s easy that many people overlook. The main thing is food, it is recommended to refrain from flour and sugar, and exercise will help increase the firmness of the figure. Makes a beautiful figure in place, so weight loss focuses on food choices, 90% of the latter, and 10% of weight loss is exercise.

Summary of 4 main formulas that are important to weight loss.

  1. no dinner
  2. Skip dinner, increase exercise
  3. exercise, calorie control
  4. Use a weight loss diet.

Obesity is something that has been with delicious food for a long time. or eating more than enough Obesity will definitely visit us. Things look easy when they’re eaten, but did you know that burning them out to get them back in shape is harder than pushing a mortar up a mountain? Just like this little girl, the story of her transformation is very interesting. she brought the story weight loss formula By myself, this is posted on the website, despite how difficult it is to lose weight. But you still try Until being able to make yourself look beautiful and clear in just 11 months, it is considered a weight loss that does not require much preparation. and not hurt yourself too much Let’s follow her story together…

Hello, I would like to share my experience. how to lose weight of us who believe that everyone can definitely do it because We don’t have any rules or anything, no equipment whatsoever. Living like a dormitory boy who has to lose weight
Well, it’s okay to be easy, it’s easy. It’s a little difficult, hahaha, but it’s all in the heart.

And another thing that I don’t know if it’s weird or not. We have no inspiration from anything. Others like to ask if they like someone, so they try to reduce it to be honest. When I was fat, I didn’t like anyone. Just take a photo one day, hey!!? Is this me?

Tell the story of how to lose weight in the first place.

is a person who has been obese since childhood Obesity from eating too much It’s normal fat, but not to a great extent. Until I started having a turning point when I entered college,

that is, I was very fat. My life changed from staying at home to living in a dormitory. Everything you eat is delicious. Buy and eat anytime Weight at that time felt like 75-76 kilograms, still didn’t have a tendency to lose weight, continued to eat until there was a period in the 2nd year, eating a lot like realizing that it was a lot.

Eat rice for every meal, eat snacks, but eat late at night, eat again late at night, such as cup porridge + 2 pieces of fried chicken + dumplings. I know that I eat a lot but I really can’t stop. And when I returned home with that fat condition meet someone at home Say that you are very fat. My chin is about to drop at home When weighing at home, I found the number 82.9!! Hey, is this fat until you get to the number 8? …..

When it’s time to go back to the dorm, I thought that I would try to lose weight…. which I didn’t think it was true.

Let’s start first The weight that was weighed was 82.9 kilos.

Height 160 centimeters, the most obvious fatness is that the current weight is 50, eat a lot, it’s 51-52, the time to lose weight is about 11 months, but as we do not do it continuously. So for a long time, there was a moment when I felt like I had lost enough and then stopped. back to eating normally quit exercise It’s like this about 2-3 times.


1. Refrain from eating cold food

Isn’t that shocking?
The first way we start doing it is to stop having dinner. The first day we start losing weight is in this picture. Already washed the pizza After this feeling Hey, we can endure this. I didn’t feel hungry at all. Maybe it’s because he’s too fat. The food we eat each day still has a lot of energy left, hahahaha.

I started to do it over and over, I can’t remember the duration. Oh, and when I felt that I was serious about losing weight. So I bought a digital weight machine. Let’s see each other to the point.

It’s so good, we weigh it every day. I will be humble, hahaha. This time, I have been doing it continuously until I have lost 2 kilograms!! I’m glad that people never think about weight.

This is a weight loss of 2 kilograms. Yay! That’s 80 kilograms left.

2. No cold food, increase exercise.

That is, it’s true. But I still can’t see my own condition. I still skipped dinner for a while. But this time, go exercise too. Our exercise is running,
no, we’re not even running. We do a brisk walk. Normal fast and super fast alternated. We went for a run at the university fitness center. The speed of the machine is about 5.5-6.9, something like this,
and there are some bicycles, some really.

We don’t have a set date for exercise. is free any day Most of them will be empty. If I don’t have to work, I don’t have exams, I’ll go.
Another form of our exercise is hitting the battery. It’s fun. Luckily, my friends go and hit it too.
Oh, I forgot to tell you while losing weight. Friends are an important part. Yes Every day is eating with friends. When it’s our turn to lose weight,
we have to tell it seriously that we don’t eat dinner. You can’t invite me to any milk shop or go out to eat dessert. At first, there are still some invitations. After that, I don’t go. My friend is quiet, haha.

This time, after losing weight for a while, we consulted our sisters. My elder also advised us to go see the good shape save cost program which was very ok!!
Indeed, we saw that and we were very encouraged. is to focus on food control more than exercise Normally, we are already out. When
watching this show, we Eat with a calorie calculation. It’s very serious. If you want to eat in the evening, you have to look at something that is low in calories. During this time, you cannot exercise regularly.
some out some not out Some weeks, I stopped at all, but the weight was reduced. down to about 75-76 kilometers

3. Exercise, control calories

After that, we continued to control calories all the time, doing some exercise. Like 3-4 times a week
, but if I don’t go any week, I won’t go all week. If I’m not mistaken, around March I weighed 71 pounds, which was the start of summer school.
We tried the Phra Thep formula for 7 days and lost about 3 kilograms of weight. I don’t remember if it was done in March or April. considered not much Because reading from the formula, they said to lose 7-8 kilograms
, but it was the time that made us get down to number 6!!! 68-69 type. Wow. It’s very satisfying. I don’t know why, haha. I’m glad that I’m out of the number 7 for a while.
In May, I remembered that I weighed 65 kilograms..

Post a picture on facebook during 65 weight. Friends start to say more and more about losing weight or not. I feel so good
And I’m a little worried because in May, I travel to Korea, Japan for almost a full month. Afraid of gaining a lot of weight
But going to each place means having a full meal, feeling like I’m coming here… When I come back to Thailand, weighing, it turns out that it doesn’t go up at all!!!
I’m so happy. When I come back, I’m in a saturation point, eating normally, eating dinner, eating late, eating buffet until one day I weighed 68!!!
Hey, what is it … Why did we intend to do this? Returning from a trip, the weight did not increase. There is time to reduce, why not intentionally?
It’s like a loop in our heads a lot. I remember starting to really lose weight again in mid-June.

4. Use diet recipes.

***This time it’s a brutal recipe***
We tried it ourselves without asking anyone:
breakfast : yogurt,
lunch : 2 boiled eggs ,
dinner : fruit (some days I don’t eat).

In the evening go for a brisk walk. Around Suan Sarathana (Sa Phang Thong) 2-3 rounds every day!! because we are very busy At home, there are only sitting and sleeping. Go out and move your body a bit.
At that time we had two types of Swimming and running Don’t know how much exercise you can do? But this diet is extremely effective,
uh .. but we warn you. When we do it, we don’t do anything each day. like doing housework or doing nothing and then it’s during the semester break.
Well, it might be up to the person. Use your discretion.

That’s it, on July 20th, we clearly remember because we were going to camp with friends in the branch, so we tried to speed up the reduction, hahahaha, like wanting to change clearly.
The weight is 58 kilograms ……. Hey, it’s number 5 already ……. I’m glad.

When the school starts, in the middle of August, I’m 58 pounds, that is, I dress very awkwardly because all my clothes have changed. Yay!

We went back to the dormitory and lived a normal life and ate normal food. But it still has a habit of being at home, that is, it eats less, that is, if the food is full, it is full, sweets,
cakes, milk, if there is no craving, then do not eat. some days feel used There are also some boiled eggs in the lunchtime, hahaha. It
made my weight drop to 55 kilos…. It’s good.

weight loss formula

When the weight is 55 stable, then we continue to eat normally. It’s even starting to release. Haha. Eat snacks, drink milk, eat more rice. But it’s not as much as when I was fat,
and this time, suddenly I feel like 55, I’m still plump, so I try to lose weight by coming back to control my eating. more serious But this time, we don’t use brutal recipes
because we have to study, cook things, we do things like noodles, vegetable salads, kaolao, fruits, and hard-boiled eggs. Eat more food and share rice with friends. During this time,
we exercise too. Go for a 40-minute morning run, probably twice a week.

That’s it… Our weight is reduced to 52!! Yay, to be honest, it’s starting to be difficult to lose weight since 55 kilos.

When weighing 52, we still haven’t forgotten our goal, we want to weigh 45!! I know it’s difficult. But I tried to keep going down and down. This time it came to the final exam and I wanted to lose weight as well. But it has to be eaten. I eat normally. Most of each meal is done in a hurry so that I can go read a book. I still eat boiled eggs as usual. It’s so full. Go try it…you’ll eat it normally. But I don’t have time to find snacks to eat. Or some days are very lazy to go out wanting to sit with I only eat yoghurt, fruit, snacks for fun (not good), and my weight has lost 50 kilograms completely.

Well, I’m very happy. I want to keep losing weight, but I’m stuck coming back home. Delicious food. If you don’t eat, your parents look worried.

It’s time to post a picture after the missing 30 kilos, right? But the picture before reducing us more than when reducing again, see? Look, I’m going to post
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The main problem for me. We are big people My cheeks are so big, haha. No matter how much weight I lose, my face is still fat.

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