Found in extreme famine – bones want to pierce the skin. This dog wants to live!

The GoGo Rescue channel reported that they received a call about a helpless puppy who had passed out on the sidewalk. when they arrive everything was awesome Announcing the fight, she had a bloated stomach. At first they believed it was a large tumor. They rushed her to the vet. ultrasound found her […]

He reached out to us and accepted the food with great gratitude. I just got a call from a watchmaker in the parking lot. He wanted me to help a paralyzed dog with a broken back leg and a broken spine. This poor dog has been wandering here for almost 2 months. Recently his illness has worsened. He […]

After being shot 17 times, the pregnant dog survived, found a permanent home and became a registered therapy dog. Considering the difficulties she had overcome in order to live Her story of courage and perseverance begins in Lebanon. Maggie was found tied to a box. […]

when he saw the savior With the last of his strength he wagged his tail in thanks. Early in the morning of January 15, ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos received a report about the dog. they were shocked A woman met this poor dog on her way to work. It might be there for a while. Don’t. […]

The distraught dog shed tears after thinking that his minutes counted. But his hero arrives just in time to save him from ending up in a bowl of soup because of the meat market. Like many others in the past, about 10,000 dogs were killed in Asia. Although in the past few years […]

Broddick’s story is heartbreaking and heartbreaking for one person. Some Hound chases the poor dog. and while running It fell into the cage and got stuck in it. He had multiple bruises and swelling on his neck, head, ears and face. His left eye was damaged and fifty percent closed. No words can explain […]

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