Found a python wrapped in a car engine Volunteer man bites python’s tail for Thai people (clip)

Cambodian Man Invents Weird Way To Get A Snake Out Of A Car Engine by biting its tail

Thấy rắn quấn động cơ xe hơi liền... cắn đuôi lôi ra - Ảnh 1.

The Daily Mail reported that the snake was tightly entangled in the engine of a pickup truck in Samut Prakan. Central Thailand In the footage of the incident, security personnel can be seen trying desperately to pull the snake out, but without success. They are then assisted by a Cambodian man named Rathit with a very bizarre trick.

Thấy rắn quấn động cơ xe hơi liền... cắn đuôi lôi ra - Ảnh 2.

One of them began to forcefully bite the snake’s tail. while others Keep pulling until the snake stops sticking to the engine. It is not clear whether Rathit’s measures worked or if this was just a coincidence.

Then the snake fell to the ground and slithered away from the gathered crowd. According to some reports, Rathit confidently put the snake in a cloth bag and released it back to nature.

Thấy rắn quấn động cơ xe hơi liền... cắn đuôi lôi ra - Ảnh 3.

in another event A man living in Swansea, Wales, caught fire when he opened the door of a cupboard and saw a 2.5-metre long snake curled up under hot water. David Dawes (age 30) is known to think there are rats upstairs. So he went to inspect and found that it was “Uninvited Guest”

Mr Dawes immediately called the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) and was advised to close the cupboard door and leave the snake in its place. Because it might find a way out. Then, with the concern that the snake might be someone’s pet. Mr. Dawes took him to the pet shop. This shop identifies the snake as a striped snake, should hurry up and get it.

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