End the latest 5-headed snake incident in China (clip)

Information about a 5-headed snake that appeared in Hainan Province, China, although there is no evidence to confirm. But it also confuses public opinion. especially from social networks

Many-headed snakes are often assumed to be the product of human imagination. They often appear in Hindu mythology. However, some cases of mutation, such as the 2-headed, 3-headed serpent, have been confirmed to be completely real and have been recorded before.

for such reasons Rumors of a five-headed snake surfaced in China recently. This has the potential to explode. And become a mystery waiting for experts to come out to answer.

Confused by the picture of the 5-headed snake

Even though I still don’t know how true it is. But pictures of the five-headed snake appeared on most Chinese social networking sites around early September. Netizens were shocked and confused again. Think of the bizarre animal in the picture, a five-headed snake that has recently created a buzz on Chinese social media.

The image of a 5-headed snake created a sensation in Chinese social media recently.

\According to the information received This type of cobra originated in Hainan Province, China. It has 5 heads stuck in a single body. In addition to that limited information No further information has been provided about the origin of the strange snake. looking back at the data The photograph is therefore known to be in a series of photographs involving the five-headed snake seen at the Kukke Subramanya Temple, Karnataka, India, circa 2010. The five-headed solid beam appears simultaneously:

Hóa giải tin Đồn rắn 5 đầu mới xuất hiện at Trung Quốc 4

Hóa giải tin Đồn rắn 5 đầu mới xuất hiện at Trung Quốc 5

The same event but received information from 2 sources, what is the truth of this 5-headed snake?

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