How to enable search description in Blogger Post? 2021

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How to enable search description in Blogger Post? 2021


Friends, in this post today, I am going to tell you how to enable search description in Blogger Post, it is very important to enable meta search description in order to make Blogger blog in top rank in google or any other search engine. You can get more views and your blog can come in the top rank in SEO.


What is Meta Search Description

This is information about our blog and post, through this you tell about your page through the description of 150 words, what is in it and what topic is written about the post, you can use only 150 words in it. Can. You should try to use a good description and keywords within 150 words, if you write a good description in a post, then your post can come top in SEO.


How to enable Search Description?

Follow the steps below to enable search description in Blogger blog.


First of all you open the dashboard of your blogger, then click in the setting, enable the search description in the section of meta tags below.


Search Description enable



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After enabling, you write a description about your blog in the box, meaning you define your blog in description within 150 words of what is in your blog and on what topic is your blog.

Last click on save.

By the way, after doing the above work, the option of search description will be enabled in each of your posts, but even after that if the blog is not enabled in the post, then for that you will have to add an HTML code to your blog.

Click in the theme in Blogger dashboard, click in customize, click in Edit HTML, now you press Ctrl + F to search <head>, and enter this code below

<b: if cond = 'data: blog.metaDescription! = ""'>
<meta expr: content = 'data: blog.metaDescription' name = 'description' />
</b: if>

And save the theme in the last, now you can use the search description in every post, in this way the traffic of your blog will also increase, hopefully you will understand this post well if you have something about this post You can also ask.

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