Dog thrown in boxes and trash saved

when he heard a noise coming from the trash can So he was forced to go there. when he opened the door He saw a large, taped cardboard box, a five-month-old dog beeping to say “Sally” on the side of the box. when the map picks it up and broke it

The dog’s tail wagged into the side of the cardboard, which was covered in blood.

Director and Executive Vice President of Dallas DogRRR, Patti Dawsoп said:

She’s just a little thing. Sally weighs 35 pounds. She’s having a really hard time. [her prior owпer] had planned to take that box of hers

Pat commented:

You might say he’s looking for a way to leave. The bloody cap can actually pinpoint where his leg is if you check where it is.

No one is sure that Sally has a precise level of coпfiпemeпt, although Patti speculates it is a few hours.

She said:

“I’m sure it will withstand the heat.”

Sally was confined in a box, had scabies and had a fever when she was found. Map takes her home to Dallas and does everything he can to help her.

Pat commented:

“At first I was sleepy. She just put it there after getting it out. But she was silent. I believe she drank the water in the bowl. She was quite dehydrated.

After posting a selfie on Twitter asking for help. Sally’s rescuers decide to call the city shelter. who agreed to accept the puppy immediately

After reading tweets on Twitter about Sally’s situation, Dallas DogRRR contacted the shelter to arrange her transfer.

She’s picked up by Patti, who’s still amazed at how b*tch this is.

Pat commented:

“The more two years I sounded the alarm I was embraced like you gave me a gift for the first time. She’s the loveliest girl. She gave me face-to-face hugs and kisses 15 miles away. She patted me with her paws as she sat over the group.

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