Discovery of 100 cobras in rice fields –

Over 100 cobra nests found in rice fields

The longer the hole, the more Hundreds of cobras, the more you can see. which were wrapped around each other in a narrow hole that looks like a ball

dream – Who is not afraid of a cobra? Almost everyone would give up if they saw this venomous snake. The cobra is a species of reptiles that are highly venomous or deadly.

Some cobras bite their prey and release venom from their fangs. But there are also cobras that spit venom in the eyes of their prey or prey.

Viral! A clip of a mother hunting 3 fat snakes in a nest. Netizens yelled at ‘Snake Bet likes to pull worms’.

No matter what type of threat the cobra poses. This kind of reptile is also very dangerous. People will definitely avoid or run away if they come across a cobra.

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But that wasn’t the case for the group of teenagers in the video aired on the Giant King Cobra Hunter YouTube channel.

The 11-minute, 35-second video shows footage of a rice field. Suddenly, three strong men come running quickly on the bank of a river near the rice field.

Not washed for a long time. Catfish pond becomes a snake’s nest. Netizens yell ‘take the opportunity to have a big family’

Then a friend who had previously worked in farming joined them.

Apparently, their friend was able to find a hole in the bundle of rice that was believed to be inhabited.

Goosebumps. The old catfish pond is not clean. when drained Dozens of fat snakes found

They use tools similar to metal detectors to look for creatures living in the pits. It didn’t take long for the instrument to ring above the mound in the hole in the bundle.

A young man wearing a white hat immediately picked up a shovel to remove the mound of soil on the bank.

after he had eaten until he was full He heard strange noises. from the ground where he was hoeing The teenagers jumped in surprise and almost fell into the river near the rice fields.

after hearing what kind of sound it made They were certain that within the hill was a snake.

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Instead of being afraid and stopping what you are doing, The young man wearing a white hat also burrowed into the mound with greater strength.

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shortly thereafter The youth went back to using their tools to confirm the snake’s presence in the mound.

It turns out that the sound of the machine is quite loud. The boy was even happy because they had finally found the snake’s nest.

Using a shovel, the young man in glasses made a hole in the spot where a strange noise sounded.

After a while, they saw a familiar scaled figure rising from the ground.

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The longer the holes are enlarged, the more cobras are seen.

Turning the concrete slab into a snake’s nest

You can see dozens or even hundreds of cobras wrapped around each other in the narrow hole. that looks like a ball

as if they found a treasure The youth excitedly tried to pull all the cobras out of the strait.

A video of the discovery of hundreds of cobras in one hole went viral and invited netizens to express their opinions.

Most netizens were surprised because the youngsters easily found the cobra’s nest buried in the ground.

Even using tools to find cobra nests But netizens had never heard of snake detectors before.

In addition, hundreds of cobras found in the forest did not look as aggressive as usual.

Curious to see the weathered trunk of the coconut tree. Open to see the shocking content!

The problem is cobras and other types of snakes. Will definitely attack anyone who disturbs its nest.

It was impossible for the youth to have the special knowledge to subdue the cobra so that it could not retaliate.

Because of this, many netizens suspected that the video of a young man catching a cobra using a detector was just the content.

“I wonder why these snakes are not aggressive and want to bite them. Did they use some sort of magic on these snakes?”

“It was a coincidence that they were able to meet all kinds of snakes and gathered together in one hole. using strange tools which has never been heard before.”

“Why do you find so many snakes in the same place at the same time? Do they have any knowledge?”

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