Discover the fear of flying snakes: their mysterious beauty, deadly venom and terrifying flying abilities.

Flying snakes or fire snakes are among the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the world. It is the only flying snake found in Southeast Asia.

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The flying snake has a body length of about 1-1.5 meters with a pair of small wings that can fly a distance of about 100 meters without falling down. with this ability They can move faster and save more energy than crawling on the ground.

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However, the frightening thing is that flying snakes are also poisonous creatures. Its venom can be fatal within hours if not treated promptly. They usually hunt by swimming in the air and diving down to the ground to attack their prey.

Flying snakes also have another unique feature that can change their skin color to camouflage themselves and avoid being hunted by enemies. They can change from green to deer to match their surroundings.

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Golden bowl to match the surroundings

Although flying snakes may seem intimidating, But it is still very rare and threatened by habitat loss and illegal hunting. Protecting and conserving these species is critical to preserving biodiversity on Earth.

Scientists solve mystery of flying snake's motion

in fact Flying snakes do not intend to attack humans. Unless it has been violated or feels threatened. So if you encounter a flying snake Keep a safe distance and avoid direct contact with them.

In short, the flying snake is one of the strangest and most terrifying creatures in the world. But they are very rare and need protection as well.

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