Cobra glυttoпoυs meets “sпake kiпg” who regurgitates 7 eggs and quickly escapes to save his life –

hungry for trifles Getting caught is a big problem!

A cobra in India broke into a chicken coop earlier and ate eight eggs, accidentally hitting someone. It wanted to escape but it was too full to move quickly. in a hurry It spits out 7 eggs and turns away.

According to local media reports earlier, A cobra breaks into a chicken coop in the southwestern state of Kerala. and swallowed the chicken alive when no one was around Then went back and swallowed 8 eggs. When he was about to go out, he was stung by someone caught by a snake.

However, the cobra could not escape because it was too full to eat and his stomach too bloated. In the “moment of life and death”, it spit out seven eggs in a single second. Then he quickly ducked into the grass and managed to escape.

online pictures

online pictures

Although the body of the snake is slender. But it has amazing flexibility and can swallow objects many times its size. However, the weight in your stomach slows down your crawling speed. Therefore, the snake spits out the food in its stomach to escape at a critical moment.

online pictures

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