China was impressed by the mysterious appearance of a gigantic pink sphere.

A giant pink ball appeared near the place where the cosmic body landed in China. It happened right after the meteorite’s collision with the Earth and a powerful explosion. A mysterious giant spherical cloud formed over the area where the meteorite fell.

The meteorite fell on Dec. 23 in Qinghai Province (PRC), according to eyewitnesses. Immediately after the explosion of the meteorite A giant circular structure appeared above the impact site. which floats above Deal Highway

No one understood what this pinkish-red cloud was.

The bizarre footage reveals a glowing pink object floating in the dark sky. In the video, a bright pink UFO appears to come to a standstill as motorists drive on a deserted highway.

The object appears to glow in a spherical shape and can be seen from various angles. in the neighborhood

Many viewers said it looked like the moon. But some say the light gathers like a cloud formation.

It has been speculated that a pinkish glow may have been emitted from the bolides. But experts have not yet been able to identify it.

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