Can You Really Make Money from Blogging-Blogging Tips

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Can You Really Make Money from Blogging-Blogging Tips

Today’s post can you really make money from Blogging, not just for beginners, it is for all blogger. But if you are doing blogging just for fun, then this post of mine is not for you people.

If you want to do blogging as a business, and want to adopt it as a career, then you should read this post completely.
If you are a blogger or if you are thinking to start blogging, then you must also read this post of mine. In this article, we are going to tell you some tips of blogging, so that you can establish your blog as a brand.
Let us now know those blogging tips so that you can make your blog famous on your blog, drive traffic on it, and earn money from it.

Blogging tips to become a successful blogger:

Writing an article on a topic and publishing it is not just blogging. Even a writer can do this work.
But along with writing a blogger article, SEO also takes care of search engine optimization so that it can get traffic from search engine.
He also promotes him on social media so that he can get traffic from there as well, he also monetize his blog so that he can make money from the blog.
In this way a blogger has to do many things. So that his blog can become famous, traffic can come on him and the blogger can earn money from him.

Create Email List :

The day you start blogging, you give an option to subscribe to your email in the same day. So that the visitor who likes your blog can subscribe to your blog by email.
This is the best tips to drive traffic in blogging. The email subscribe box should be placed in the bottom of your blog post or in the footer of the blog.
For this you can use google’s free service feedburner.

Regular blogging:

If you are very serious about your blogging career, then you should keep updating the blog on a regular basis.
You create a schedule how many posts you will put on your blog in a week or month or every day.
Blogs which are regularly updated, they also like search engines a lot, and their search ranking also gets high.
Now the question is, on which subject should you write a post. Next, we are telling you about this.

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blogging tips: unique content for idea:

If you want your blog to grow quickly, then you should take the idea of ​​blog post from the blog reader itself.
You should write a blog post based on the comments that are coming on your blog.
If your blog is new, then it is tips for blog posts that you go to other blogs related to your blog topic and read the comment there and write blog posts that solve the user’s problem.
You can also take help of social media for writing content on which topic. Join the forum and go there to know what kind of problem the reader is having. Write an article to solve those problems.
Such articles also rank in the search engine, and the user also likes it very much.
Let us now know the next blogging tips how you write the title

Write the title so that the visitor is prompted to click on it.

Whenever you write a blog post, its title should be such that the visitor feels that
His problem will be solved only with this article. When the visitor feels like this, he will definitely click on your post, and will read it.

If you will not be able to write a great title, then your post will not get many visitors. The title should not be too long or too short.
It is very important to know how to write a blog post title, because a seo title should be kept from 60 to 72 character. So that it is fully visible in the search engine.

Do not rely solely on google adsense to monetize the blog.

If you want to earn a lot of money from your blog, then you should not just rely on google adsense because it is important to know how to get approval from google adsense.
But till you get approval from google adsense, then you can monetize the blog from other ads networks like chitika, propeller ads etc.


The work of a blogger is never over. But there is a need to manage it well in a short time. It is always the job of a blogger to write good and unique content.

But in the case of regular blogging, you should never copy content from any other blog.
By doing this, the reputation of the blog also deteriorates, and it does not get traffic from the search engine either. If you adopt these blogging tips, then your blog will definitely be successful.
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