Bryant University Tuition, Net Price and Amazing Payment Methods

Bryant University tuition may interest you. Getting to know the tuition fees of any university Over time this will give you an advantage in terms of planning. and help you figure out how to pay so you can be advised on the relevant matters you should know. See details!

Bryant University Tuition

Overview of Bryant University

Bryant is a private New England university with a tradition of innovation and a global vision for success. Our academic programs are characterized by the integration of business and arts and sciences with a global perspective.

Founded in 1863, Bryant’s academic curriculum is characterized by a blend of business and the arts and sciences with a global perspective.

Bryant sits on 435 acres in Smithfield, RI, just 12 miles from Providence and 50 miles from Boston.

The College of Business offers a unique business curriculum that combines the depth and breadth of a large business school with the individual attention found on a small college campus.

The College of Arts and Sciences curriculum combines theoretical understanding with skills. that will prepare students to participate meaningfully once they graduate

Bryant’s graduate program offers advanced courses in business administration and accounting. Including graduate and post-graduate programs in Communication.

The School of Health Sciences offers a Master’s degree program in Physician Assistant Studies. Bryant offers nearly 100 academic programs, all taught by faculty. Not a teaching assistant or graduate student

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Tuition and Fees at Bryant University

Bryant University Tuition

Tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year will include health services, participation in intramural sports, use of athletic and wellness facilities. and a subscription to The Archway, the student newspaper.

term year
Tuition Governance $23,442.50 $46,885.00
Room charge
Dormitory 1-17 – Single $6,390.50 $12,781.00
Dormitory 1-17 – double room $4,890.50 $9,781.00
Townhouse – Single house $6,390.50 $12,781.00
Townhouse – double bed USD 5,949.00 $11,898.00
Dormitory deposit
(*First time residents one time fee)
Meal plan
Unlimited meal plans $3,373.50 $6,747.00
210 blog meal plans $3,215.00 $6,430.00
150 block meal plans $3,155.00 $6,310.00
105 Blog Meal Plans $2,846.50 $5,693.00
Student participation fee $211.00 $422.00
technology fee $237.50 $475.00
Other fees
Laboratory fees** $50.00 (per course)
Study abroad fees (For participants only) 500.00 dollars
Tuition Governance For non-traditional undergraduate students $3,486.00 per 3-credit course
Tuition Governance For internship (special period) $1,307.00

Bryant University Net Price

The net price indicates the actual cost of attending Bryant University when general grants and scholarships are considered. The net price varies according to family income and financial needs.

Average net price as of 2018/2019


Family income Net price paid
$0 to $30,000 $32,455
$30,001 to $48,000 $33,173
$48,001 to $75,000 $34,391
$75,001 to $110,000 $39,005
$110,000+ $42,455

The average reported annual net price for Bryant University for students receiving scholarships or scholarship assistance was $40,038 in 2018/2019.

Net price includes tuition and required fees. Books and various equipment and average costs for room and board and other expenses

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How to Pay for Bryant University Tuition

Bryant University Tuition

Payment is due by August 9, 2020 for fall, January 9, 2021 for spring, first day of winter classes, and May 9, 2021 for summer semester.

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Bryant University will send an electronic bill in lieu of a paper bill when the E-Statement is available for viewing. Students will receive an email notification at their Bryant University email address.

The email will provide a website to access student accounts and electronic account statements.

The Student Account Center offers the option to pay online with WebCheck or a credit card (AMEX, VISA, MC, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB, UnionPay, BCcard, and DinaCard) creating recurring payments. View current activity View past billing statements and more.

Students can pay online through the Student Account Center using a credit or debit card. A service fee of 2.85% will apply to all credit card payments. There is a minimum fee of $3.00.

Bryant University does not receive a portion of the fees charged by TouchNet.

Service fees are non-refundable, although payments related to Bryant University may be refundable. When you select the option on the web to pay by credit card. You will be redirected to TouchNet’s secure network environment.

You must be informed of the service charge before payment is completed.

Students also have the option to pay online with WebCheck (ACH). There are no fees associated with the Web Check payment option.

A $40 fee will be assessed to the student’s account. If a check or WebCheck payment is returned as uncollectible A $3.00 fee will be assessed on WebCheck payments returned due to incorrect account information entered.

How much is 4-year tuition at Bryant University?

For students entering fall 2021, the estimated cost of tuition for 4 years is $199,642. The estimate does not include the cost of books, supplies, and living expenses before receiving any financial aid.

Bryant University Tuition

See the Other tab for estimates of total cost of attendance for 4 years and after financial aid. The next table shows estimated tuition and fees for the next 5 admission years. This estimate is based on 4 years of changes in school tuition and fees.

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Year of application Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Total 4 years
Model year 2025 Fall 2021 $48,052 $49,270 $50,520 $51,801 $199,642
Model year 2026 fall 2022 $49,270 $50,520 $51,801 $53,115 $204,705
Class of 2027 Autumn 2023 $50,520 $51,801 $53,115 $54,462 $209,897
Class of 2028 fall 2024 $51,801 $53,115 $54,462 $55,843 $215,220
Class of 2029 fall 2025 $53,115 $54,462 $55,843 $57,259 $220,678

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Bryant University Tuition

Bottom line

Every payment you will face while at university has been explained in detail. How to Pay Your Tuition and Other Required Payments We believe the payment methods are very helpful as are the other details in the article.

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