Best online teaching platforms for Online Teaching 2021

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Best online teaching platforms for Online Teaching 2021


In today’s article, we will tell you how you can do some of the best platforms through online teaching from home and what are its benefits?


Like you all know how much is the craze of internet nowadays, who does not know how to work on a computer or laptop or does not have an internet user. People consider him to be very small or working with knowledge, and especially this is all in the new generation.


Because we are given computer training right from the beginning, whether in school or college, we learn a lot about computer and internet.


With this, for advance courses, we do the course from a good institute all over.


Nowadays, many schools have also started taking online classes (digital classes) in view of the burden of school bag on children, instead of school bag, a computer device is given to you, and you are given home. Work that is given is given through email.


Home work you have to do through that, whose data keeps on submitting through your internet then. So you saw that as the time is changing, the way of working is also changing.


A similar revolution has also come in the Teaching sector. Now as before, you can earn a very good income by changing the way of tuition at home, other than school and college.


If you have a little bit of internet knowledge, then you can earn a good income by teaching online, and that too in a very short time. You can do this by giving a little more time than the time you are giving now.


For online teaching, you need a platform, through which you can start online teaching, so today we will try to tell you about some such platforms.

Platform for Online Teaching:


This is a platform through which you can upload your subject’s notes (the subject on which you have command) by writing step by step or by scanning those notes on your blog.


And as people will study your notes, it is obvious that they will also ask you questions related to any particular topic, so they can ask you such questions by going to the comment box on your blog. You can answer them only through the comment box.

Today Google, WordPress, Tumblr etc have the facility to create a blog on their platform for free, so you can create your own blog on these platforms without any charge.



The second most important platform is Youtube. Yes, all of you must have heard about it, you upload videos in youtube and people have delete their comments by watching them.


You can use YouTube for online coaching or teaching dene.

Youtube is a very good platform for teaching, it is also a good platform, because you can write it on the whiteboard through video demonstration, just like a student learns in a normal coaching center.


So in this you can interact with your online students very well and they will understand very well.

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Android Apps:

Like nowadays you T.V. Must be seeing that Biju’s and Akash learning apps are running, so similarly you can also create a free app and put your learning videos in it, you can learn the logo, here I would also like to say Learning is easier than learning from blogs.


So these are some of the ways with which you can do online teaching, if you have any other ways that online coaching can be done, then you must tell us.

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