Astronomers have found the largest natural diamond in the universe. with a weight of 10 trillion trillion carats

The largest diamond in a single diamond is not on our planet. BPM 37093, also known as V886 Centauri, is a white dwarf. White dwarfs are “extinct” or “dead” stars. The planet V886 Centauri is shaped like a diamond, a 10 trillion carat diamond at the center of the white dwarf.

V886 Centauri, located in Centaurus, 50 light-years away, is a dazzling glow. The star’s interior is identified through pulsations.

The majority of stars are composed of carons and oxygen. The researchers found diamond-like carons within it. Diamonds de lop when a white dwarf cools and crystallizes. It spans 4,000 km. Scientists say that 90% of Centauri Centauri’s mass has solidified. Lucy named V886 Centauri in honor of a Beatles song. The largest in the universe according to astronomers indicates the fate of the solar system In the next few million years Our Sun may become a white dwarf after it dies. It could become a diamond-shaped V886 Centauri.

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