Are the underwater creatures the same or is it just us that go back into the water during our travels? (video)

There are many stories from sailors and marines who have come across what appears to be a mopest of the seas. They range from beautiful sirens to emotes like Leviathans, but there’s a recurring theme here, to say the least.

For example, we have the ancient Greeks who tell us that sirens are half-woman, half-bird creatures that use a charismatic voice to attract men. Today we call these people mermaids, not sirens.

The depiction changes over time. Since we now believe that mermaids are beautiful, half-woman, half-fish creatures that have been depicted all over the world, from Europe, Asia, to Africa.

Video 3:

They often appear during floods, storms and shipwrecks. and is depicted as a kind creature capable of falling in love with humans.

Even one of the most famous explorers of all time, Christopher Columbus, has reportedly seen a mermaid while exploring the Caribbean. But he also disagreed with this. This is due to several reported sightings in the 20th and 21st centuries in Canada, Israel and Zimbabwe. There’s a congenital disorder known as sirenomelia that causes babies to be born with adjacent legs and small genitalia. which has been reported to affect up to 100,000 live births so far.

This is why many people believe that these mermaids have never been before. Instead, they are humans who have separated from Sirenomelia and decide to live underwater. Watch the following video showing us 6 mermaids at the Great Ьаггіeг Reef and see for yourself how similar they are to humans, Video 1:

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