Ancient Rome’s shocking ‘vivid’ artwork made viewers blush and question their incredible expression!

The over 2,000-year-old painting is shown quite “so vividly” that today’s viewers might blush.

Late 18th century, when excavation of Pompeii began This ancient Roman city was modeled after a volcano in 79 BC. in the houses of this city

The findings show that ancient Roman culture was more liberal than most modern cultures. And Pompeii became a living museum of Roman culture.

according to history Brothels are common in Pompeii. And the paintings also depict happy scenes in these places.

In general, prostitution was a relatively cheap service for Roman men.

But despite the low price Prostitutes were also paid three times as much as non-working workers.

It is estimated that Pompeii has as many as 35 brothels per 20,000 inhabitants, a “tekkichi” ratio compared to today’s urban area.

The over 2,000-year-old painting is displayed quite “vividly,” causing today’s viewers to blush. In addition to the brothel Shower rooms were also found for various services. during excavation

Like a brothel These baths are decorated with images of the couple’s “happiness”.

The writings show that industry flourished in Rome since the pre-Christian period. After the excavation, many of the “distorted” works were taken to a secret museum. which displays ancient artifacts excavated from Pompeii in Naples, Italy.

In 1819, when King Francis I of Naples visited the museum with his wife and daughter. Baffled by the “poor” works, he decided to close the door to the room where they were held. only allow

The room was reopened and closed many times later. Due to the constant ethical arguments between the “radical” and “conservative” camps on the subject of

During the 20th century, most of the rooms were closed. except for a short time It was in the late 1960s when a great revolution broke out in the west.

The room was eventually reopened to the public in 2000, but can only be accessed with a parent or permission.

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