An elephant herd leader rescues a mother and newborn elephant from Lion Pride as they give birth (Video)

Elephants are known to be intelligent and friendly creatures. And the latest video shows their defensive instincts.

The video shows a proud lion stalking a mother elephant and her newborn cub. When she woke up, the mother elephant called the herd of elephants for help.

In a remarkable display of solidarity The herd immediately gathers around the mother and the young. Create a protective circle around them. The elephant blew his trumpet and hissed at the lion. which quickly realized that they had been fired and retreated

But Dama did not end there. Shortly after the lion escaped The mother elephant gives birth to her calves in the middle of the protective circle formed by her herd. Other elephants continue to chase the mother and newborn as they bond. and the calf takes its first step.

This type of display of cooperation and protection is not uncommon among elephants. In fact, elephants are one of the few animals to demonstrate such bonds and social structures. They have been observed caring for sick or sick herd members, the deceased, and even adopting orphaned elephants.

In addition, elephants are one of the most wild animals in the world. with poaching habitat And human-wildlife conflict is a key factor in their survival. It is estimated that there are only 415,000 African elephants and Asian elephants. 40,000-50,000 remaining

Conservation efforts are essential to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures. Organizations such as the Elephant Fund, African Wildlife Foundation and Save the Elephants work to protect elephants from poaching and finding habitat. live Promote coexistence between elephants and local communities. and raise awareness about the importance of conservation.

By supporting these organizations and supporting policies that protect elephants and their habitat. We can help ensure that future generations will see the demonstration of cooperation and protection that make elephants truly amazing creatures.

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