Amazing images of several UFOs. This was taken by a man driving through the desert. has appeared provide sharp images

IMAGES show a series of golden glowing UFOs photographed in the Arizona desert are going viral online.

Mauricio Morales posted “UFO” images on Facebook before they were picked up by several alien websites and YouTube channels. which explains that it’s in a “Ground Zero” area for aliens, UFOs, and secret military bases.

Mr Morales posted on Facebook: “As I was driving back to Phoenix this evening. I was a few miles from Parker. I saw a green meteor in the corner of my eye.

“At first I thought the meteorite might have come close and set fire to the desert. Or it could be light from a distant antenna.”

I said he didn’t think of anything else until about three and a half miles later, the light appeared again.

He said: “This is when I realized this was not normal.

“I’m about a quarter of a mile from the intersection between Highway 72 and Highway 95 between Parker and Quartzsite, Arizona.

“I immediately pulled the camera up and attached it to the tripod.

“My southwest There were six orange-red lights floating around the horizon.

“Some parts will dim and then become brighter. Some parts seemed to float and drift away slowly.

“They seemed to be traveling in parallel with a very bright twinkle.

“I take photos and videos. And in less than fifteen minutes, the mysterious object disappeared without a trace.

“No matter what I have never seen anything like this in my life. Superb experience.”

There were local news reports that a meteorite was responsible. But Mr Morales said it was 10 minutes before his footage was recorded.

However, after requesting comments on Facebook Mr. Morales concluded that there was nothing to do with aliens. And it’s just military fireworks dropped from military planes.

Many came out to say they were “Marfa Fires,” a type of military flame.

UFO scammer Scott Brando also said he has ruled out that these are not foreign.

An Italian who examines alleged forensic images and footage of UFOs. tweeted that he believed the objects were military flares.

The conclusion of the world has not stopped other UFO sites from trying to suggest that it cannot be explained.

Tyler Glockner, who runs the YouTube channel Secureteam10, argued that they were too bright for fireworks in a video titled “MEDIA COVER-UP: Mass UFO Sighting Over Arizona Desert!”

He said it was likely a cover-up as the media misreported it as a meteor. and suggested that the sightings were in a “Ground Zero” area for alien and UFO activity.

The Collective Evolution conspiracy theory website says that although there is no “proof” that the Arizona light came from extraterrestrial But people shouldn’t be “deceived”.

In the article, the website states, “Don’t be fooled, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the fact that some of these UFOs. which has been officially recognized in the mainstream as a declassified document. And hundreds of high-ranking soldiers/political whistleblowers are literally extraterrestrials.”

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