after the storm A ferocious sea dragon washed up on the coast of Australia thousands of years ago –

After record-breaking rainfall Ƅ Individuals in Australia have noticed dozens of unusual, animal-like creatures appearing on each beach.

Known as weedy sea dragons, these unusual creatures are found in Cronulla, Malahá and the central coast. And it is estimated that they are 10 times the amount of normal washing to hit each other.

Dr Daʋid Booth, a professor of marine ecology at the Uniʋersity of Technology Sydney, told the Sydney Morning Herald: “It was clearly a result of the weather shock.

Weedy seadragons, also known as common seadragons, are found only in Australia along the east and south coasts. Small, leaf-shaped seahorses tend not to move much during this life. by straying as far as 50 meters from their home only

So it was quite a surprise that they had lost their way until now.

“This can make them more susceptible to habitat loss and environmental changes,” added lead investigator Dr Selma Klanten.

They are quite popular among the Dyers due to their slender appearance, colorful appearance and unusual shape.

Dr. Booth is concerned that the northern population is declining. And dragons migrate along the coast to cooler waters due to climate change. “At Kurnell, Botany Bay, you might see eight at one time. Now there are two to three,” he said.

He identifies and tracks down sea weed dragons through help from Hollyer and artificial intelligence. He uses advanced software so he can identify each weed dragon by its unique pattern and color.

Although manipulating a sea dragon’s torso is illegal, Dr. Booth has asked anyone at the Disco to send photos to help with his research.

These grass-fed sea dragons have been described as ‘tough little creatures’ due to their ability to seize seaweed during strong currents. Their habitat tendencies make them vulnerable during storms.

This species was previously listed as They were listed as ‘threatened species’ on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species Ƅ before they were listed in the ‘Threatened Species’ list. ‘Least worrisome’ in 2019

An unusual hemisphere of marine life is washed ashore on each of Australia’s islands in 2022. A sea creature with a human mouth has recently been found in each of them.

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