AdSense Policy Violations Error Type Complete Information 2021

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AdSense Policy Violations Error Type Complete Information 2021


There are 3 types of friends AdSense Policy Violations Error. Due to which the website does not get the approval of Adsense. But if you solve this, then your site will get approval of Google Adsense very easily.

1. Low Value Content is the first error

If you have received this error, then you can understand that whatever article you have published on your site and what you have told in that article is very basic information.

Which people already know about, or it could be that the way you are publishing the article on your blog, that kind of article is already in the number of millions of millions in Google.

Friends, if you publish this kind of article in your blog, then you will never get Approval of Adsense. And one thing low value content has another meaning


For example, if you copy the information of another site and if you post your blog article on your site using your own style and language, then the flame value also comes within the content.

But there is a small chance in it that your blog gets approval of adsense. But I will recommend you to publish your own articles on your blog website. Create a blog about what you are aware of and write an article on the same topic on your blog.

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2. Copyright Content & Copyright Material

Second error is Copyright Content & Copyright Material, due to which Google  rejects many blog websites every day. Now let me tell you a little bit about what is this Copyright Content & Copyright Material

Friends, Copyright Content & Copyright Material would be the material that belongs to someone else and you copy it and publish it on your site. For example, if you copy and publish an article image video text previously published on another blog or website, then it is called copyrighted content or copyrighted material.

Friends, if you have this problem and Adsense rejects your website due to this error, then you should check your site thoroughly and by removing all the copyrighted material you have used on your site. Apply for and you will get approval of AdSense very soon.


Keep in mind that to publish unique articles on your site, Google Adsense gives quick approval to the same website on which Unique and seo friendly content is published.


3. Google Search Console

The error of Google Search Console is also seen on many sites. Due to which Google Adsense Rejects many sites daily. Friends, the problem of Google Search Console is very big problem. Next, if the issue of Webmaster Quality comes on your site, then you have to solve it.

Many of our friends think that the brother website has been built well and the post has also been published unique, now the approval of Google Adsense will be found but it does not happen. If you do not submit your site well in Google Search Console, then your site will be advertised by Adsense.

For this, if you want to get the approval of Google Adsense on your website as soon as possible, then you have to submit your site to Google Search Console and submit the sitemap of your site only then you will get the approval of Adsense soon.

So friends, I am sure you guys will understand what is AdSense Policy Violations Error, how to Solve AdSense Policy Violations Error.

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