A snake enters a tortoise shell and hurts the surprise ending (clip)

The video above captures a rare meme when speaking at 5m high speed trying to attack a turtle. Before the beetle’s attack, the turtle was terrified and quickly pulled its carapace to safety.

Hindered by a strong tortoiseshell, speechless, it decides to go straight to the side of the shell to attack its prey.

Veпomoυs has the ability to defeat all prey and there are few animals in nature. While turtles have the ability to kill all kinds of prey. And they are shy but protected by a strong carapace. Therefore, the battle between a ferocious tiger and a turtle is like a spear and a shield.

The fact that the head was stuck in the turtle’s shell made the speech painful, paípa papic. It wagged its tail violently to remove it. but still failed

It took 5 miles to talk to get out of the tortoise shell. It instantly “drooped like a spear” to flee fear. Maybe after this belief Individuals perceive what is missing in life for themselves, decisively, clinging to the turtle, but “fighting” the turtle. The Α turtle’s shell is so thick and hard that it can evade most predators. Therefore, turtles stay away from other predators.

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