A paralyzed dog suffers alone to cope with the difficult life.

Stray beasts are powerful enough to fight. Finding enough shelter, food and smoothies was difficult enough. Doing so is detrimental to a healthy stray dog. However, think about what a paralyzed dog would be like! It may have been unattainable, however, a dog later named Kuya Bon fought to survive regardless of its disability. He was once left to fend for himself when his owner deemed him pointless after a car hit him.

Kuya Bon’s callous owner can’t be bothered by a dog in need of care. He kicked him out of the only family he knew. By the time he had been immediately noticed with the help of a specific type of person. He was on the road for a very long time in fact. He needs to deal with a lot of wet days. Especially using the monsoon season.

A female dog noticed the dog from a distance and bought a bowl of rice for Kuyabang. She went to him and put the bowl down. She wants to see how terrifying his legs are. Kuya Bon slides over to the food bowl and eats gratefully. The woman knew he needed emergency medical attention. She will use her personal money to help him.

When she was in a state that required Kuya Bon to undergo an x-ray examination. The woman called her a nearby savior. She begged him to help him exercise. She couldn’t deal with Kuya Bon, and he was no longer humble in the streets. The rescuer agreed. When we talked at Kuyabang Animal Hospital, it used to get better, not sure how far he’d give up. But on the other hand, he will never go down the road again!

Nowadays, pets are friendly. emotional support reduce feelings of loneliness and reduce stress levels It also contributes to high self-esteem and positive emotions, especially for children. and although many People enjoy living with dogs or cats and would never think of getting rid of their pets. But treat the pet as a member of the family.

A Paralyzed Dog Suffers Alone To Cope With A Hard Life - Juligal

However, in many cases coexistence between humans and animals is often unsuccessful. And in some cases, the relationship doesn’t work. When family bonds Adoption was their last resort. There are many reasons why animals are abandoned on the side of the road. Some of the reasons include not having enough time to pay attention. economic hardship unwanted litter Parenting problems, children, new family members or lose the house But what animals really go through these situations is that some are lucky and some are not.

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