A legendary giant serpent mysteriously petrified and resurrected by a scientist (video)

Naka Cave in Bupek Khopek Region In Buepekkap province in Thailand, it is regarded as one of the most mysterious places at the moment for the discovery of a single stone.

Because photos are being shared on social networks of a mysterious cave with a surface that resembles a huge snake but is made entirely of stone. And this fact makes no one different from anyone.

It turns out that a Facebook user named Ord Tahaпawaпij posted a picture of this Naka cave. The cave has a rocky surface that looks like stone fragments formed by serpents.

Giant Petrified Snake Found in Rare Caves of Thailadia

From an impressive discovery Soon, Od Thanhapinit’s post began to spread rapidly among Internet social media users linked to images uploaded to the network.

likewise There have been other publications sharing images of this Naka cave. by referring to the mysterious city Pu U Lue and curse the serpent These are reptiles that became petrified millions of years ago.

Stay with me until I arrive here where the ground has been eroded leaving the remains of stone serpents for people to see. But most of them were shocked by the body and head of the great snake.

There is also a legend about King Yu Lue. The cursed king who caused the city to fall into the lake. thus being able to escape the curse until the city reappears However, absolutely no one knows about this place.

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