A giant “white tower” that NASA built on the moon. Comparable to Astronomy (Video)

Some believe that the structures found on the moon follow geometric patterns. It was as if they were placed there by intelligent beings.

During the Apollo 16 mission, which ran in mid-April 1972, astronauts took hundreds of images of the lunar surface.

One of them could clearly see a giant white structure or tower. And it doesn’t seem like a flaw or anything else in photography.

The elegant white structure in the form of a column will be approximately 8 kilometers tall and will be located within a small crater on the lunar surface.

Not far from this pillar We can also see an octagonal crater with a pyramidal structure more than a kilometer high.

“The visible towers, columns, and pyramids captured by the Apollo 16 mission clearly show that most of the Apollo missions were primarily planned for close observations of various lunar structures.”

In another NASA image from the Apollo 16 mission, it shows many surface features in a specific region of the moon.

some that when highlighted It almost seems to show a satellite dish. while another appears to show cities. on the far side of the moon

UFO researchers have long believed that there are indeed bases or even terrestrial outposts on the moon equipped with telecommunication antennas.

Some of NASA’s photographs and films have historically been “leaked” by the space agency itself to hide the extraterrestrial truth from the public. which was now so obvious that it could no longer be hidden by such a trick.

whether in space or on other celestial bodies The existence of artifacts and so-called UFOs is evident every day, whether NASA wants it or not. Even amateur astronomers can find these images.

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