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Bird collisions are a serious problem for aircraft and their passengers. Every year thousands of bird collisions are reported worldwide. And they can have serious consequences. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons behind bird strikes. Effects on aircraft and passengers and what measures can be taken to prevent

The reason behind the bird paw
Birds are naturally attracted to airports because they provide plenty of food, water and shelter. Larger birds such as geese, gulls and raptors are the most significant threats to aircraft. Because they can seriously damage the engine, windshield and other critical parts. of the plane

Bird collisions can happen for a number of reasons. including migration patterns bird feeding And having nesting sites near the airport, weather conditions such as fog, rain and snow also increase the likelihood of bird collisions.

Effects on aircraft and passengers
Bird collisions can have serious consequences for the plane and its passengers. in the worst case Bird collisions can cause engine failure or other serious damage. which can lead to collisions Although the plane landed safely. Collision with birds still causes great damage and delay. This leads to financial losses for airlines and inconvenience for passengers.

Passengers may experience psychological distress if they witness a bird collision or hear about the incident during flight. The fear of flying is already prevalent among many people. And hitting birds can exacerbate this fear. This causes fewer people to fly and lowers the airline’s revenue.

preventive measures
Airports and airlines take a number of measures to prevent bird collisions. Some of these include habitat modifications, such as reducing food and water supplies for the birds. bird netting installation and creating a bird-free zone around the airport

Air traffic controllers and pilots also work together to identify areas where birds are present and take necessary precautions. Pilots can change their flight path or altitude to avoid areas where birds are known to congregate. And air traffic controllers can reroute planes if necessary.

The aircraft can also be equipped with devices such as bird collision detection and radar. This can help detect and avoid bird collisions.


The fight between planes and birds is an ongoing problem for aviation professionals. Although a number of measures have been taken to prevent bird collisions. But it still happens so often that it’s shocking. It is important for airports, airlines and passengers to take precautions and take necessary precautions to reduce the risk of bird collisions. and keep everyone safe

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