A dangerous snake that had just finished eating its large prey cried out for help.

If there was one creature that could make anyone’s skin crawl just by hearing its name. It was a majestic python capable of snatching the lives of the unfortunate creatures it devoured by preventing them from breathing through its enormous body.

no one can believe

In India, a video was released recently that surprised thousands of internet users. No one expected to find a python several meters long collapsed because of its food.

Some rangers from the Rumpur area had to rescue the python and relocate it to the forest area. After it ended up being unable to go near the village

The large python apparently depleted its energy and ability to move. After swallowing a prey that was too large, yes, even itself. The snake’s thick body protrudes according to the volume of the animal it eats.

Its movement was quite slow. Therefore, it did not resist any resistance and welcomed the help of the villagers who surrounded it and gathered to assist it in a vehicle that would take it to a better place.

With sticks, ropes, and even bare hands Villagers did their best to put the full weight of the snake and its deceased passenger onto the car.

“How impressive. To see so many people coming together to help the terrible snake that is in need,” commented one netizen.

After a long time lifting the snake onto the vehicle Eventually, officials were able to bring it into the wild. Place it as far away from the city as possible to keep it safe.

Although the picture looks shocking But the truth is that snakes are not at risk to their health and are digesting the large prey they eat. This is a process that can take several days.

“Reptiles, when swallowing their prey, enter a state of rest or digestion,” noted one netizen.

We hope that this voracious snake will digest everything it eats peacefully. And it’s still safe in its habitat.

This shows us that there are still many kind people willing to help animals in need. No matter how big and shocking they are. Perhaps there is hope that human beings can coexist with nature.

I don’t know what kind of animal it eats.

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