A crying dog stands next to the coffin immediately after its owner’s death.

“This dog’s point of view reminds us of existence.” Jailson Almeida, owner of a funeral home in Camacari, Bahia, Brazil, shares the touching story of a couple of puppies dating their owner. her religion passed away recently leave good memories for friends and family members

A crying dog stands next to the coffin immediately after its owner dies - Juligal

Among the many people who like her In particular, one shared his feelings during waking up. That’s the family’s little dog. The dog had finally discovered that this was in a position to bid farewell. And it didn’t get out of the coffin for the second time, not getting married.

with despair The dog cries and won’t let anyone touch his father or mother. It’s hard to argue that dogs have natural emotions and they exist.

“[…] Crying like a person who has no choice I didn’t want anyone to return too close to the coffin,” Jailson wrote in the post. The dog’s reaction stunned the parents. and not for nothing

This dog’s behavior helps us reflect on the presence. if he refuses to throw away the owner’s coffin It used to be because he bought all his love for dogs. His gratitude lasted until the girl’s death.

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