A cow loves the seat of an 18-month-old boy in the village of Nokor Pheas driпkiпg his milk lives all day long – thepressagge.com

Tha Sophat, 18 months old, lives in Nokor Pheas village, Cambodia, breastfed because his mother has to live far away from Thailand. Tha Sophat boy squeezed milk from this cow to squeeze the milk.

Yom Tha Sophat had to drink cow’s milk because her mother had to go to work far away.

Because his family is in a difficult position. Tha Sophat had to live without his mother’s care. The boy must have been weak from an early age. His father, Tha Sophat U-erb, 46, said the boy sucked milk directly from the cow after the calf had finished feeding. But the boy was crying a lot. therefore having to allow it to do so

Every day the boy would drink milk directly from the cow.

Aпd υпtil пow, sophat posture was υsed to rυппiпg daily suckling. The cow refused to drink much milk because the boy Tha Sophat ate its milk.

The cow took the boy’s job. Cow’s milk harmed the boy’s health. Instead, he was healthy and growing fast. However, local officials disagreed on this. They advised Tha Sopat’s father to stop feeding the boy cow’s milk because it was safe. Incidentally, Than Sopat may be ashamed of doing this.

The boy’s health improved with cow’s milk drippings.

when he grows up He was often ashamed of his actions.

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