A Brave Dog With a Sly Face: How Love and Caring Changed His Life

Brodie, a German Shepherd Border Collie, was born at Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, but was abused by his mother when he was a puppy.

His face may look dazed, but that didn’t stop rescue dog Brodie from melting his new owner’s heart.

A German Shepherd Border Collie was born in a shelter. But was attacked by his mother when he was just 13 days old.

One of his faces was stunted. which causes partial blindness in one eye

Dog with 'swift' face found at forever home after mum abused him

But Amanda Richter, 30, and boyfriend Brad Ames, 23, say it was still “love at first sight.”

They overcame hundreds of requests to bring him home from Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada.

Amanda said: “He was the happiest pup in the park. We hope to train him as a therapy dog.”

Villagers in the town of Nimodia in Rajasthan, northwestern India. They were shocked to see a small animal with a flat face and eyes that looked astonishingly human.

Mukeshji Prajapap, who owns a goat Understand that goats have a rare birth defect known as “psyopia.”

He's Perfect': Alberta couple sees only beauty in disabled puppy | CBC News

It causes the genes that produce facial symmetry to fail under normal circumstances.

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