A blind dog who survived a hit and run travels the world with his new owner.

Now the lovely dog ​​lives life to the fullest, although both eyes are completely blind.

Rescue Beagle Olly survived a hit and run four years ago and has battled many ailments since then.

But what a 5-year-old puppy lacks is eyes and teeth. She compensated with her heart and determination to live on.

From America to Dubai, Italy and Belgium, the adventurous Olly has traveled the world with her new owners. who explains perspective to her every step of the way

“She’s happy all the time and her tail is wagging all the time,” says owner Mary Davis, managing editor. Pet Keen .

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The blind beagle wears a halo.

A pirate dog with one eye missing.

While visiting North Carolina, USA, in 2018, Mary saw online a photo of a small rescue dog.

A 1-year-old beagle puppy is partially blind and half cast.

She survived a hit and run and was left to die on the side of the road.

despite disabilities But Mary was “love at first sight.”

“I met a lot of cute, energetic dogs and hyper puppies at the shelter. But this broken dog touched my heart. because I was a little heartbroken inside,” she said.

“I know we can find a cure together.”

The rescue offered to care for the puppy until her shoulder healed, but Mary “wants to keep it the same.”

Chó mù với chủ ở nhà
Chủ và chó ngủ cùng nhau

Within a month of bringing Olly home, the puppy’s shoulder had healed and the cast was dislocated.

But at the same time she had an operation to remove her left eye.

“Olly became our one-eyed pirate and wandered around with a cheerful, little cutie,” says Mary.

three months later Glaucoma damaged Ollie’s right eye. make her completely blind

“I think she must be depressed or aggressive. But do you know what she does? She really had fun on the grass,” said Mary.

“It’s very powerful for me.”

Olly was inspired from the start. and remains Mary’s emotional support animal as Mary becomes her eye.

handicapped dog wearing a splint

It soon became apparent that Olly enjoyed snuggling, feeding, and sleeping, and would always want to be in Mary’s bed.

“We got along very well ever since,” says Mary.

From rural North Carolina where Olly was found to Dubai where she lived for the first time. The adorable puppies have traveled the world with their adoptive owners.

She lives in Seattle, Italy and is now in Brussels.

“We explained the perspective to her every step of the way,” says Mary.

Curious Olly doesn’t like rain, but loves fresh fruit and enjoys traveling.

For the past four years, Olly has been visiting veterinarians for all sorts of ailments. Last week, Olly had 9 teeth extracted.

“You name it. She got through it,” said Mary.

Rescue a puppy wearing a cast

A dog with two eyes missing

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“Olly is a true inspiration to our entire family. Thanks to her ability to show a love for life and a will to live no matter the obstacles,” said Mary.

Blind beagles are so adept at the sound that follows that Mary sometimes forgets that she can’t see.

Olly found it easy to learn to rearrange furniture. and feel the slightest change in movement

“If I let the water run for about 5 seconds, she’ll come running next to me in the kitchen, because that noise usually means I’m washing the apples. which is her favorite candy!” said Mary.

But that doesn’t mean that Olly’s blindness will happen without difficulty.

Clumsy puppies mistakenly think of a dirty laundry basket as their bed. and often bumped his head at least half a dozen times before finding the food bowl.

“Her occasional confusion is endearing,” Mary explained.

“Her drive to discover and enjoy life never changes. despite physical limitations

“She was happy all the time and her tail was wagging all the time. We look forward to many more years of our beloved daredevils.”

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