A black cube-shaped UFO shoots off a portal above El Paso (video)

I enjoy writing about UFOs and aliens as much as I do. I like to eat chocolate cake. I am hopelessly optimistic and truly believe that people are not deliberately deceiving UFO videos. I may be naive But that’s just because I believe people want the truth about aliens and UFOs as much as I do.

The research that Secureteam10 has done with the images has done so by removing ship features hidden in the clouds from view, and lo and behold, they’re there! Only a few filters and many features will be focused. If it’s a fake video I will not reveal any details anymore because I have no rights!

I recently updated this post with a new video showing us an even more awesome UFO over El Paso near the Mexican border.

You cannot disguise the graphics behind the clouds within the image. It didn’t work that way.

Okay, I may sound a bit naive because nowadays graphics can imitate reality. And anything can be done with the right skill set and the right person.

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The full video shows a still image or snapshot of the cube exiting the portal cloud.

Yes, I believe it’s good. I believe this is real. not fake It’s a cube UFO coming out of the clouds.

Like this image we can see pieces of the Cube UFO hidden by the clouds. Only extracted by professional photo editing. That’s why I believe this to be true.

A strange and frighteningly perfect black cube terrified residents of Texas after it appeared in the skies above White Sands. The United States’ most secretive military base Looks like the Borg Cube alien spaceship from the Star Trek TV show.

A terrifying black cube breaks over El Paso on the Texas border just miles from White Sands. The infamous secret US military test site that detonated the world’s first atomic bomb.

Black Cube UFO Blasts Off Portal Over El Paso (Video)

Mexico is a hotbed of UFO activity. Mexico has a large number of handicrafts that people see and record every day. It’s not just people on the streets. Police, doctors, journalists, judges, pilots, air force, army, navy, politicians and others in between.

Almost all experimental weapons research conducted at White Sands (close to where the camera can be captured) is an advanced experiment. top secret and not very common While they are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with science. And then pushing the envelope of science itself. including physics I have no doubt that this Cube UFO is absolutely real life witness and recorded by real people.

Black Cube UFO Blasts Off Portal Over El Paso (Video)

I don’t know beyond the shadow of doubt. But now let me just say that out of all the articles I’ve read, seen, researched and remembered – this little connoisseur stands out from the crowd.

Black Cube UFO Blasts Off Portal Over El Paso (Video)

The results of the cutting-edge research became public a decade later. The famous Roswell UFO site where aliens reportedly landed on Earth is also just a few miles from El Paso, over the border to New Mexico. A lot is going on in this part of the world. And everything stands out beyond aliens. UFOs and Weird Phenomena Keep an eye out for White Sands or El Paso and you’ll find some truly bizarre cures.

This is a famous UFO sighting and picked up by the popular Secureteam10 YouTube channel. It was a very strange encounter with a UFO. And a lot of people are wondering if it’s legit or not? Is this true or is it a clever scam?

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Is it real or fake? This is the only question you can think of. Because no one in the “agency” as a whole will come out and give any answers. And as I’ve said before, NASA won’t tell us the answers we want to hear! They made their stance clear. So we have to accept it.

A black cube appears above the clouds above El Paso from what has been described as a A ‘black hole type portal,’ El Paso resident Walter C Lands, who captured the cube with his cell phone, said:

“It was getting very windy and I noticed a small portion of the clouds begin to swirl and swirl together in a portal form – at which point the portal turned pitch black.”

The second witness, a female accountant, did not wish to be named. also photographed the sky above El Paso. She said:

“I noticed a square shape. I am a giant solid thing with a design around it and a faint magnetic vibration type.”

Walter forwards his video to Phenomenon investigator Secureteam10.

Black Cube UFO Blasts Off Portal Over El Paso (Video)

Sadly, Secureteam10’s YouTube channel is unavailable due to review. It means unfortunately I can’t bring you the video. And since it’s a Secureteam10 video, we’ll have to wait and see what happens to his channel? Thanks for your understanding.

In fact, there are only photos of the Cube UFO and no video coming out of the portal or the cloud. Will I still be looking for videos, if so?

This is what I think is happening with Secureteam10. I think he had an unfortunate incident and was targeted by “someone”. Because that’s what happens on YouTube.

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