A 5-year-old girl nicknamed “the most beautiful black angel in the world”

Jare Ijalana is making waves on the internet with her beauty.

A 5-year-old Nigerian girl has been dubbed by netizens “The most beautiful woman in the world”, Little Jare Ijalana Ƅecaмe is particularly famous on social media. After fellow countryman photographer Mofe Baмuyiwa specializes in wedding photography, shared a series of photos of the girl on his official Instagram page.


Jare’s first photo was posted and received over 43,000 likes and over 1,200 comments. In total, there are portraits of young models that have been seen and praised by over 110,000 users on Instagramm.


To understand the success of Nigerian girls The number of internet users interacting with her pictures is only higher than the number of followers on the photographer’s page, which has 80,000 followers.

Brazilian actors Gioʋanna EwƄank, Tas Arajo, Lázaro Ramos and Cris Vianna also expressed their support and appreciation for the young woman’s beauty.


In the first drawn caption The photographer reports his happiness with his work.

“I’m excited about the new Portrait Photography Studio. Because I want to show the middle ground between childhood and adulthood. so the photos look timeless,” says the professional. Mentioning the fact that Jare Ijalana poses with a serious expression like a professional model.


In the comments, a photo of a small and beautiful Nigerian. With two other sisters named tim fen o мodels (JoƄa and Joмiloju), Instagramm users praised her in seʋeral. “Really beautiful?” asked one internet user in surprised Spanish. use others in English “Look at that princess!” commented a Brazilian internet user.

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