8 Best WordPress theme and plugin checker tools 2021

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8 Best WordPress theme and plugin checker tools 2021


With the help of WordPress Theme and Plugin Checker Tools, we can easily find the themes used in any website or blog or WP plugins used in that blog.
But do you know what are Theme and Plugin Checker? Many of you will know about this, but some people may not know, so we have written this post today, after reading this post, you can easily check the theme and plugin used on any website. will do.

There have been many times when you must have visited a blog or website and the design of that blog or website, its layout or its sidebar will be very attractive to you.

And you too would have thought of making your blog the same way.
But the problem comes when you do not know that the owner of that website has used which theme and what plugin is used in that website.

Best WordPress theme and plugin checker tools

There are two ways to find this, first is that you can contact the Admin of that website and ask and second that you can find it by using an Online WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector Tool.

In today’s post, we will tell you about 8 such Best WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector Tools with the help of which you will be able to know about the theme and plugins of any website and can give the same look to your website or blog.
You have to find out the theme of the website, copy its URL and put it in these websites and do a search.

Top 8 Best WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector Tools

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The Theme and Plugin Detector Tools that we are going to tell here, you can also access them from Mobile.

1. WpThemeDetector

Luis Alejandre is the owner of this site. This site can provide information about the Theme and Plugin by scanning the WordPress site about all the websites that are built on WordPress.
Its number comes first in Theme and Plugin Detector Tools and it also gives correct information.

2. ScanWp

Its number is second but it also gives complete information correct and works well. On scanning the site from ScanWp, it also tells the name of the Theme, Theme Tag and the Price of the Theme etc. So you can use it.

3. What WordPress Theme Is That?

This is also a very good Wp Theme Checker. It is also used to check the Theme. And it gives quick and accurate results.

4. WhatTheme

Catalin is the owner of this site, he and his team developed this site. This is a new site but works well.

5. Wp Theme Detector by Smallseotools

In 2010 the Small SEO Tools site was developed by Tausif Akram.
If you are a blogger, then you must know about Smallseotools, it is a Famous SEO checking website.
Smallseotools also provides Theme and Plugin Detector Tool to its visitors.

6. IsItWp

The founder of IsItWp is Syed Balkhi. He is the founder of WPBeginner and also the new owner of IsItWP. This is a new site with the help of which you can scan Wp Theme.
Wp Theme and Plugin Detector Chrome Extension
The remaining 2 Theme Detector are not a website but a Chrome extension with the help of which you can Detect Theme and Plugin.

7. WordPress Themes Sniffer

If you are blogging on Computer System then this Chrome extension will be right for you. You can direct use it by adding it to your Chrome Browser.

8. Wappalyzer

This is also a good Wp Theme Detector Chrome Extension. It will also help you a lot in exploring Wp Theme. It is very easy to add it to Chrome Browser. You should add it.

Final Word:

If you are a beginner and are learning blogging then you should know about Different Themes. Today in this post, we have talked about the ‘8 Best WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector Tools’, with the help of these, you can easily find the themes, plugins, website builder used in any site which is built on WordPress CMS. You can download it for your blog.

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