4 Tips to Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue in 2020

Tips to Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue in 2020

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4 Tips to Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue in 2020


Now that 2020 is here, it’s time to start preparing our New Year’s resolutions. Great news if one of your goals is to start making more cash from your website! We’re here to assist.

With the Google AdSense tool, one of the most lucrative ways to make money online as a blogger is Google AdSense essentially offers bloggers tools to add a variety of advertising to their content. You make money when people come to your blog and click on the advertisements that you’ve put.


Google takes its share of the ads from

1. Use Proper Ad Placement

One of the main challenges when people begin using Google AdSense is that they don’t know how to position ads on their web correctly. When working on your ad placement there are a variety of considerations you should bear in mind.

First of all, it’s important for you, when visitors land on your website, to put your ads to them. Nevertheless, you must also balance the number of advertisements in order to prevent irritation. We all went to a website full of advertisements and instantly quit, because we just didn’t want to deal with that.

Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue

In general, successful ad placement begins with a long , rectangular ad, usually measuring 728 × 90. For good visibility, 1-2 ads can be applied to the right side of the page as well. Around 160 × 300 × 250 on the right side advertisement.

use proper ads placement
use proper ads placement



You can use those numbers to see what works good for you and achieve good results in an acceptable range. Again, make sure that the number of advertisements doesn’t overdo it. It’s not just your visitors that’ll annoy you, but the less money you get per click for the more ads you have. Almost always less advertising in this sense mean that you’re going to make more money.


2. Search for High Paying Keywords

Nearly all niche areas within appropriate Google topics have keywords of “high pay. 
“(Note that some of its AdSense programming for example tobacco, excludes Google). 


If you have high paid keywords in your articles within 
niche, you will have advertisements that match the theme parameters. 
If ads fit good keywords, you’ll usually 
increase your income and get more clicks. 


Highly paid keywords are brief thing to find. 
Google has method to find range of keywords, sentences, and websites 
to find the keywords people are looking for in free keyword planner. 
You can order the information by price so that at the 
top of the list the highest pay per click word is shown.



When you deal with multiple keywords, your niche is the 
best way to learn what words and long-distance keywords deal. 
There’s lot of testing and error 
because the keywords and advertisements go together. 
The advertisements will change 
when you modify the keywords. 


Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue


You will find that you get more clicks with relatively lower keywords, 
or even make the most money with the highest paid term number one. 
Like all companies, tweaks are required 
as you grow and advertise your site.

3. Edit the Design of Your Selected Ads

If you have found out which ads you can 
need, you can edit them to suit your site. 
When you have ads in your 
contents, do not skip this stage. 
You don’t want your advertising 
to be like boring thumb. 


few considerations should be taken into 
account when you set up your ads. 
For start, the same boundary and colours on your supplements 
you use on the rest of your page are important for you. 


Next, in the context and text of your 
advertisements you should strive to use the advertising compliments. 
You like them, but 
not in flagrant manner. 
They should be 
simple and perceptible. 
If you have dark background and theme, try to design an ad that 
is contrasted with the rest of your blog with slightly brighter coloured background. 


Before publishing the page, please always make sure that 
your website’s preview looks the way it naturally suits.

4. Monitor Your Results

Too many bloggers upload ads to AdSense, 
then just let it go. It’s too many! 
Every day or every week, they 
don’t bother to review the data. 
At the end of the month, they sit still 
waiting for the money to get into their account. 


No way would you make huge amount of money 
if you don’t review your ads frequently on how they do. 
You can monitor your ads for specific analytics to see 
what you are doing and where changes can be implemented. 


Please use your ads for 
an test form. 
For example, on one blog post and three on 
another, you can build page that contains two ads. 
Every day, track the results 
to see which one does well.



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