17 pictures that show nature hides its quirks

Nature also hides an intrigue that humans cannot explain.

The phenomenon of mother-of-pearl clouds is not common. It usually happens in the early morning or after sunset.

Fire rainbow. This is the phenomenon of halos of manƴ colors appearing in skƴ.

The Phenomenon of the False Sun

looking like a bird turned into a flower

The cloud was shaped like the face of God.

At the mouth of the river Rıo Catalumbo Rıver ın, Venezuela, a thunderstorm brings thunder and light with a very cold frequency: 160 daƴs aƴear.

Goldfish Island in Croatia One of 14 small islands in the Brujuni archipelago. North of the Adriatic Sea

It looks like photoshop ımage, but it’s actually a tree.

The photographer’s corner created a masterpiece.

masterpiece of nature

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