14 Camera-Caught Battle Between Wild Snakes And Mongoose (VIDEO)

The mongoose is similar to the meerkat. honey badger and very wolverine They all came from the same house. They are fearless, aggressive and do not back down from anything. Snakes, on the other hand, are dangerous. but when confronted with a mongoose Have you ever seen a mongoose attack a king cobra? How about a chicken crossing the road? If you want to see a fierce battle You must see this Because we are counting down 14 crazy battles of wild snakes and weasels.

snake fighting dog

These dogs found a snake in the bushes. and one of them tore it off. When the snake falls to the ground the dog will attack it bark and bite it The snake stays silent until one of the dogs tries to bite it. It lunged at the cameraman who was capturing the snake’s misery on tape.

Eventually, the children caught the snake and dragged it out after realizing it had made a mistake by coming to the shelter. This brave dog chases after snakes trying to escape. The dog attacked and grabbed the snake for a moment. The cobra was still standing and ready to attack. and the battle would continue until the early morning. This snake is slightly more aggressive. lunges at the dog to bite it But the snake finished the bite as soon as the dog bit it and smashed it to pieces.

This Rottweiler tried to bite a snake that invaded his garden. but the snake is fierce and rebellious Eventually the Rottweiler caught the snake and tried to tear it open. but instead dropped it on the ground I guess the snake is dead because it won’t move after seeing these dogs attack the snake in the previous clip and in this video. I wonder if they’re all immune to snake venom. I mean, a few snakes must have bitten in there. This cobra had a terrifying appearance. And the dog almost cut it in half. The scar on the middle of the torso is clearly visible and not a good sign.

snake vs cat

All snakes can be killed by cats. They are a tough opponent for snakes as they are fast, nimble and clever, and also for venomous snakes because they can quickly avoid poison from a bite. This cat and snake spend some time checking each other out in the first part. They can attack at any time. The cat regularly circled the snake and knocked on its head. But the snake remained focused and persistent. When the snake tries to escape The cat became more aggressive This cat is staring at the snake in the basket. And when the snake lunged at the cat The cat then jumped into the air to avoid the bite. This cat can jump long distances. If a snake tries to bite me I’m sure I will bite too.

Nomads hold sand cats in high regard. Sand cats are said to be friends of the prophet Mohamed. When a horned viper sees a sand cat He had no choice but to attack it. A venomous snake has a chance of survival if it bites a cat. The sand cat confidently taps the snake’s head several times to stimulate it. The snake cannot reach the cat by biting due to the cat’s claws. The battle was protracted and grueling until the final blow. in the near future You will see snake injuries caused by cats. I guess we already know who will win. This white cat tried to touch the head of this snake. But the snake pounced on it and nearly hit it. while his friends were watching The cat tried to avoid the worst.


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