10 Best free or paid Blogging Platform|Blogging guide 2021

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10 Best free or paid Blogging Platform. Blogging guide 2021


Do you want to create a blog? 10 Best Blogging Platform.
10 websites of the best free blog website to share your idea with the world in 2021.

Here I am going to tell you about some websites where you can make a blog of your own. If you want to share your article with the world or share a new update with your family and friends or you want to start a blog and create a certain viewer / visiter. So here we have all the best website Have put together where you can start a blog for free.

We will also try to take you towards the specific platform which will prove to be the best for you so that you can easily create a blog for free.

1- wordpress.org


This is a special website for those who want to make their own blog 100%. This is the perfect place to install a serious website that you can use long term.
WordPress.org is a free blogging software. It is a free platform and can be downloaded from here, but you will need a domain and hosting to create a website. While you can take some free WordPress hosting but here I will not give you the advice to get free hosting. You will have to pay a medium rupee for a better long term WordPress Hosting.

For hosting, I will ask you to get it from Bluehost, this is where you can get domain and hosting for very cheap.
By selecting the original plan, you will be able to get a good features offer for only $ 2.95 per month.
Such as: –
free domain
50GB Disk space
Unmetered bandwidth
Free SSL
100 MB Email storage / account
24/7 support

It also provides great facilities. Due to such many reasons, Bluehost is one of the best and best web hosting. Which you can understand easily.

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2- WordPress.com


Here is WordPress.com. Which is another form or face of WordPress.org. It is a platform that is mostly used for personal blogs as it is easy to install and remove and is absolutely free. If you do not have a custom domain name, then nothing. However, here you are also available a large amount of materials to design the website.

And especially if your plan is to earn money by approving your blog with Adsense in any way, you cannot do this on WordPress.com because Adsense does not support this platform (wordpress.com) but you On this, Adsense can apply to any other advertising website. This platform is the best for a personal blog.

(To know more about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, please read this post)

3- Blogger.com


Blogger is one of the oldest free blog sites. However, its popularity seems to be sinking nowadays.

This is a solid platform for a personal blog. But it is best for a passionate blogger or for use, but is not the best resource. It works like a hosted platform. To use it, you must first create an account. After you create an account (which is quite easy). You have to choose the Default theme and you can start writing your ideas after this. This platform has an interface resembling a Google+ profile that resembles a Word page.

Blogger provides you a list of themes to choose from. Here the theme gives you some option of color filter in the color filter. Bloggers in general have simple options. Hence the focus is more on the writing part. One good thing about this platform is that it comes with Ad placement which you can keep within the pieces of your post.


Wix is ​​a free website builder that can be fully managed from front-end. The main feature of this is that it comes with drag-and-drop options. So you don’t have to handle anything in the back-end. The design is very simple and modern which can be used by both Beginner and Expert.

The good thing about Wix is ​​that it includes free hosting. So all you need to do is to arrange Layout, choose the template and set you all. It offers a good collection of free and Premium themes and templates for various purposes including Blogging.

To launch a Wix blog! Just sign up and select a template. Now all you have to do is find a beautiful template and start customizing everything on the front-end. In a live mode.

You can add many features to your page from Multimedia to Background, Menu, Typography, Form, Video Box etc. When you think the site is ready. So click on Explore and you start doing your blog.


Weebly is a website builder that you can use not only for blogs but also for selling your product or showing your portfolio. It is somewhat similar to Wix. If you want to add a certain button, you can just drag it to the page and customize it. The same happens with Photo Gallery, Slideshow and any other Multimedia Element.

Weebly offers Sidebar, Media Box, Form, Advertisement Palace, Social Media Icon, newsletter subscriber and more. In addition, the platform comes with Built in Analytic and lets you use your own Custom domain (for which you need to pay).

On the free plan you get five Custom Pages, a weebly Subdomain and 500 MB of storage and Ad Palace.



Medium.com is the best platform for those who just want to write. They are seeking access to a certain visitor. And don’t care about their “own site”.

Medium is a multipurpose platform dealing with various topics where anyone can create their own account. Unlike most other Free Blogging Sites, the major advantage of Medium is that your posts will be widely exposed to visitors as this platform attracts 60 million visitors per month and its number increases every year.

It is simple to use. You can’t sign up too much and start writing. But its negativity is that it is hosted on all your Post Medium. You are not actually creating your “Space” like you do on WordPress.\



Ghost is the best for them. Those requiring some Simple setup (Simple compared to WordPress for example).

This is another blogging platform like WordPress. And the Ghost software can be downloaded for free. You need to pay for hosting. For this, DigitalOcean is a great service that supports Ghost. It is inexpensive and brings good features to get you started.

It is easy to write posts in Ghost after setting up your website. This gives you a live preview of your post on the right side of the screen. That’s why it’s good. Near the publisher screen, there is a sidebar with settings. Where you can choose your preferences



Tumblr is best for those who do not want to spend a single penny in the blog. On the other hand, in the mess of Blog, Domain, Hosting, it is absolutely not like to fall. There is only interest in writing only. And for someone who already has a blog, it is one of the best means to increase your Visitor.

Tumblr website is one of the free blogging sites. This is slightly ‘minor’ compared to other platforms on the list. Unlike other platforms that are mostly built for publishing purposes. Here it works like content like Multimedia or Social Media. Tumbler’s interface is very good and easy to start. You just sign up and then you will be allowed to start posting.

Like a regular blogging platform. It provides multiple post formats for different types of content. The thing with Tumblr is that it is purely for personal use. And if you have business-oriented plans. So this will not be a best solution. This is simple . Provides basic customization options and as I stated earlier. It is like a social media.

Despite not being built for business. This allows you to display ads on your page and allows it to use related links and integrate your blog with Google Analytics.



Joomla is best for those who want to launch a simple personal blog but also want to have a custom domain and start by a host.
Joomla is similar to WordPress.org but it does not provide domain and hosting for free as a free platform. It is free software like wordpress.org but it requires hosting and domain. As in the WordPress.org case. In this we also recommend Bluehost as it is very cheap and reliable (and includes a free domain).

In general Jumla has a flexible interface that can be used not only for blogs but also for more complex websites (you can choose different types of Templates and Extension to add Custom Design).

When it comes to its ease of use. This platform that publisher interface looks exactly like Microsoft word. This allows you to choose font, color, size, table or background. I mean . The menu tools make you feel as if you are in Microsoft Word.

Overall, this is the best platform for blogging.



Jimdo is also a place / platform for blogging.

jimdo free is more than just an example of blogging sites. However, given the basic features of Jimdo in its free version, the blog is the most recommended. So you can quickly create a website with Jimdo by following some steps.

Are you ready to launch a blog with these free blog sites?

What do you think Which of the following do you think is the best Blogging Platform?

Apart from this, if you have used any of these Free Blogging Site before this, then we would like to hear about your experiences. Please send a comment below.

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